I really need to change career....

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Ellen Rowlands on Aug 04, 2016 • 3 answers
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I have just come back to work after a holiday and feel like I'm wasting my time and energy going to work every day in a job that I don't like and is going nowhere. Help! Any ideas?


Hi Ellen, thanks for your question. Do have a look at Psychologies at our September issue with Jennifer Aniston on the front; Change Your Career from your deckchair. Kim Morgan, our life coaching columnist has given a 5 step plan of how to start looking at a career change. The first step is having a look at your current situation. Ask yourself questions such as: What do I still enjoy and what do I dislike? What would I miss about my job? How did I feel when I got the job? The second step is to ask - what do I really wand and what matters to me. 'Write yourself a letter as if you already had the career of your dreams,' says Kim. This will help you identify your values and really engage with what matters to you in your work. Perhaps this would be a good starting point. Good luck!

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Suzy Walker on Aug 04, 2016
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Hi Ellen

It's a shame you feel like that but it sounds like having a break and then going back to work has given you a sense of perspective. Noticing that you want things to be different is the first step, so you're already off the mark!

Before you dive into looking at specific job opportunities it might be a good idea to spend a bit of time thinking about your strengths and when you are at your best. There's a host of research that shows that people who frequently get to use their strengths in their work are more engaged and happier in their jobs.

Here's a free tool that might help you reflect on when you're at your best: https://tools.atmybest.com. Sometimes we overlook some of our best qualities because we take them for granted so, if you're feeling brave enough, it can be especially helpful to ask other people what strengths they see in you. :-)

Once you've got a better understanding of your strengths you can start exploring what types of work might give you a chance to use them. There probably won't be an obvious 'right answer', but it will give you a different lens to view opportunities through.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your search!

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Martin Galpin on Aug 04, 2016
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Hi Ellen, I love the advice below and hope it helps you. I would add to that the Energy/ Drain continuum. Grab a huge sheet of paper and on one side write the word 'Energise' and at the other end write the word ' Drain' and then take some time, over a few days to write down all the aspects of your life; do they energise you? Drain you? Or are they somewhere in the middle? Include home life as well as work life, people as well as tasks and activities as well as habits. Then step back and ask yourself how you can let go of some of the things and people who drain you and how you can do more and see more of the people who energise with you. Small steps and changes can make a big difference. I look forward to hearing what you notice. Julie

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Dr Julie Leoni on Aug 05, 2016
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