I'd love to know about your favourite tree from childhood or a favourite tree in your neighbourhood? What memories do you have about your tree? What stood about your tree?

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Jackee Holder on Apr 10, 2015 • 3 answers
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One of the things I love most about London is the cities abundance of trees. London is an oasis of some of the most stunning trees from the Cherry Blossom's in bloom across the city right now to the great Oaks and Plane trees thriving in our city. I'm a mission to share the beauty of our trees and am tweeting images of #treesonmytravel on twitter Latest tweet: https://twitter.com/hashtag/treesonmytravels?src=hash as well as blogging about trees on my website: http://www.jackeeholder.com/category/tree/ Spring seems like the perfect moment to bring trees into our conversation on Life Labs.


When I lived in Yorkshire from age 4 to 11, we had two HUGE ancient oak trees called Adam and Eve. Eve had fallen over countless years earlier and provided wonderful settings for the imagination, becoming a fortress, a ship, a dinosaur or dragon, or anything we wanted. Adam was still standing, and we had a treehouse in it and metal steps on the trunk. Wonderful memories! I hope they are still standing.

I adore trees.

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Nicola Morgan on Apr 10, 2015
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Great idea... my favourite trees were two in my childhood garden: the first was a perfect tree for climbing which fruited cooking apples. My dad somehow put a door across the branches which became a tree platform/house/den and I was also proud that I could climb this tree in the time it took friends to count to 10 in Hide and Seek (great hiding place on that platform) :-) My second favourite tree was the Indian bean tree which I loved to sit under on the sun lounger and read. My fondest memory is aged 10 reading Charlie And The Chocolate Factory under that tree, as mentioned on my new website where there is an abundance of trees (http://www.CherylRickman.co.uk) PS I love your mission Jackee. I am a huge fan of trees as you can see from the business project I'm launching with my 6 year old daughter http://www.ClimbingTreesGirls.com (a portion of profits will go towards planting more via The Woodland Trust) Good luck with your tweets. I shall follow you x

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Cheryl Rickman on Apr 10, 2015
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Great question Jackee, I have lots of favourite trees, Gog and Magog in Glastonbury, they are well worth hunting down. I also love Yew trees, but my favourite is an old oak tree in Brockwell park, that got badly struck down in the 1987 storms. From little more than a damaged stump it slowly grew regaining, strength and majesty. I see it as a powerful metaphor for life. Enjoy your trees this summer.

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Caroline Shola Arewa on Apr 10, 2015
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