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Hannah Robertson on Jun 06, 2016 • 1 answer
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I am on day two of the goals course and it mentions a video on the grid but I see no evidence of such a video. I signed up using facebook and have received no emails other than the paypal payment confirmation so perhaps the video is usually sent via email and I haven't received it?


Hi Hannah,

We are so sorry you are experiencing a problem with your course - let's get this sorted for you.

The Video for Day Two is titled: 'Day 2: How the Grid Works: Demonstration video'.

Can you see this, or is it missing?

We have logged into the system and it looks as though the video above is there. The website is brand new so it is not uncommon to have slight hiccups in the system, but as far as we can see, everything looks as it should.

If you still cannon see this video as entitled above, please email the Online Courses editor directly at ali.roff@psychologies.co.uk - she will be more than happy to look into this further for you. Perhaps you could send a screen grab or a photo of your screen with the missing video to assist her in getting the issue fixed for you.

Kindest regards

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Practical Wisdom on Jun 08, 2016
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