How can I escape this cycle?

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Emily on Jan 02, 2016 • 2 answers
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I am extremely overweight (by at least ten stone) and my energy levels are at an all-time low. I have a full-time job (teacher) and elderly parents I support as often as I can, but the rest of my life is an absolute mess. My house is full of mess/clutter, I live on fast food and sleep too much. I'd appreciate any advice on getting out of this cycle so I can lose weight and have more energy.


Hi Emily,

I can absolutely relate to your current situation - I'm overweight myself and it was only a few months ago I began to make some changes to this. I began by examining my life and thinking of where I could add exercise, even in ten-minute bursts into my daily life. I now swim on a regular basis and while my diet is still not the best, I feel more confident in making future changes.

Small, consistent changes to a lifestyle have been proven to have much more of a lasting effect than going guns blazing and trying to reinvent your entire life - so, my suggestion would be to look at one aspect and try changing that for the better. If your energy levels are affecting you the most, then examine what can be causing your energy to drain. Maybe eliminating some junk food from your diet, or maybe looking at commitments that don't bring you any joy or pleasure. Maybe using a weekend to tackle one room at a time in the battle against clutter. The decision is yours, but I can strongly recommend taking small, measured steps towards creating the life you want. It's never too late to start.

Good luck and all my best wishes,

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Chris Haigh on Jan 02, 2016
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Hi Emily

Firstly as you rightly point out it's a cycle and what you want to uncover is what's creating the cycle for you. What I suggest you explore is your relationship to yourself and food / clutter from a fresh perspective ... check out... and

Also on a practical level, I have personally worked with Rachel McGuiness who's metabolic balance programme really delivers results.
There is also a wonderful book called The Magic of Tidying Up that you might want to read.

My sense from what you say is that you're looking for a sustained change so I really recommend you get some help from someone who won't just look at the symptomatic issues but will help you take charge of you, your energy and help you build sustained resilience. I really like Heartmath tools to help bring awareness and build resilience so you may want to check them out too.

Most importantly making the decision to shift what's going on is the starting point - congratulations for starting the journey.

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Vanessa Anstee on Jan 26, 2016
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