I don't know if this appropriate, however I am in desperate need for an answer. I am 24 and never have had a relationship with my father- I have met him a handle of times around 8 years ago.

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Tanya Griffiths on Dec 31, 2015 • 1 answer
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He didn't try and rekindle the relationship, and I have not seen him since. However last night I couldn't stop crying over tiny petty things, I was led in bed and I could see him coming through the bedroom door, he was smiling at me I felt happy. I thought this could have been a sign so I had a Facebook stalk and added him as a friend. However i found out this morning he passed away last night?


Hey Tanya,

I'm sorry to hear that your father passed away.

I am happy to help where I can although I am not clear on the question you need answering.

What is it you need to know?

Warmest, Lydia

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Lydia Kimmerling on Feb 09, 2016
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