You are never alone

What would you say if someone told you that you could never be alone?

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This has been a tricky week.  Death has been in the air and the coaching sessions I have been doing but it was an unexpected visitor to my conversation with Carol Cumber of the Natural Harmony Center.

Carol has one of the dirtiest laughs I know and is playful, naughty, irreverent and fun.

She is also psychic.

I know.

I completely get why some of the people reading this will now think that she, and I are either deceived, deceiving or mad.  But one of the things I like about Carol is just how sane she is.  She is as practical as she is spiritual and as science informed as she is woo.

Born to a family of women who knew herbs and tea-leaves and magic, she grew up in Liverpool where the other kids just accepted that ‘that’s Carol’ and let her get on with it.

So I wanted to talk to Carol, because there is part of me that is so much the academic, needing proof, ever the empiricist and academic…

….and yet…and yet….there are things that happen, don’t they?

You know….the way you think of someone you haven’t heard from for ages and then they phone.

Or the moment when years ago I was talking to someone on the phone and we both smelt roses at the same time, even though neither of us were anywhere near roses.

Then there were all the dreams I had after mum died, the dreams where she would appear and I would say; ‘Oh hello, I know you are dead, but how are you?’ and then we’d hang out and chat and I would always wake up (and still sometimes do) feeling that it was nice to see her after so long.

These things I can not explain any more than I can explain that sense, with some people, that I have known them before, when I have only just met them, or the dreams I sometimes have which tell me things I needed to know, or that slight sense I sometimes get, of being able to see stuff other people can’t, as one student once said; ‘You see into people miss’, and sometimes it feels like I can, but I’m not even really sure what that means.

So what of death?  It popped its head into our conversation as Carol talked and what she said brings me comfort.  Have a listen to Carol as she tells the story of the people (spirits? energies?) who popped in to help as a loved one died, who greated her and welcomed her home. ‘We are never alone’ Carol says, and after the week of coaching and news I have had, I wish people could feel what she feels too.

Which, of course, I have no empiracle evidence for….

…but all I know is that in the dreams where I chat to mum….she feels very real.

You can listen to our conversation here.

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Carol's background is in motivational psychology, goal setting, Indian head massage, sacred space clearing, natural healing, Reiki, intuitive healing and other modalities. She is also a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, having trained with co-founder, Richard Bandler. Nowadays she runs a holistic health center in the Welsh hills and offers sessions that  include hands on healing, the use of crystals in healing and  psychic sessions.

Carol's main website can be found at:


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