Women's Rage

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The kitten tags the dog's tail,

The dog moves away.

The kitten chews the dog's ear,

The dog growls a warning.

The kitten pounces on the dog,

The dog snarls and chases it.

The kitten runs away.


No harm done.

Boundary set.

Respect restored.

I wave the horse around the arena,

She avoids me.

I move in closer and with more energy to push her on,

She shakes shakes her head and tosses her mane.

I ignore the signs and move in closer behind.

She kicks me

and sends sparks of fury down the nerves of my arm,

prickling my elbow and jangling my fingers.


No harm done.

Boundary set.

Respect restored.

You sit relaxed as I fulfill my (what feels like) 100th task before noon

and tell me I'm doing it wrong.

I use words to tell you I am in no mood to listen to your directions.

You tell me again,

I use words more strongly to tell you to stop.

You continue with your instructions.

I use words, with volume and plead to make this stop.

You don't listen

So I use words to spit and scratch,

I throw verbal knives,

Until at last you stop.

No harm done.

Boundary set.

Respect restored.


Pain and Fear.

Yours and mine.

Crazy bitch!

Mad woman!






Burn her!


The fear of funeral pyre and ducking stool.

We sisters must keep our rage hidden,

our fury demure.

Forget we too are mamals with with boundaries we do not want crossed.


Photo by Philipp Pilz on Unsplash

Julie Leoni

Writer, Listener, Teacher, Dr

I am a stress and well-being coach who supports women to ask for what they want and look after their own needs so that they can hear their heart's call and live a more empowered and meaningful life. I draw on experience and training in bereavement, domestic abuse, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Transactional Analysis and other therapeutic approaches to get you loving you. I have 2 sons who I love loads (and who sometimes drive me crazy). I'm a Barefoot Trained coach and I got a distinction for my post-grad cert in 2011. I have a PhD which led me to look at Emotional Intelligence in schools and I have a number of academic and professional qualifications in various types of therapy. I have practiced meditation since I went to India over 25 years ago and I'm currently training to be a yoga teacher. I have written a couple of books, I teach psychology and work with a large variety of coaching clients.