Winter solstice meanderings - Did you know that the jay plants acorns to feed future generations of jays?

A solstice conversation with Parcifal Solomon about reality, consciousness and the necessity of walking

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When I first met Parcifal, we were in his grandma's garden, studying each other from afar, silently.  He had/ has the most arresting blue eyes and was much younger than me.  Our fathers are cousins.  We didn't meet again for many decades and when we did we clicked and talked but it has really been during lockdown that our relationship has started to bind our roots and allow something new to grow.

He reads loads and thinks more and is not scared to step off the beaten track to explore what is below, above and around what we think we know.

Join us in our conversation about jays, winter, consciousness and why it matters to feel out feet against the earth.

On the solstice, take time to go within, to drop into the mystery and to trust that the light will rise again.

Much love.


Julie Leoni

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