Why you need to shine your light!

Too many of us are scared to shine bright and get really visible, why is this and what can we do about it?

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Marianne Williamson

This quote gets me every time. Stepping into your greatness can be a scary transition. Being 'seen' is a vulnerable thing, whether that's in your work, your relationships or in all areas of your life. It feels exposing, it leaves us open to judgement and critique and brings to the foreground all manner of limiting beliefs we may have had lurking beneath the surface.

I see it in my female clients a great deal and often hear them tell me tales of being 'too much' in whatever form they believe that comes in. This story holds them back and stops them striving for that which they could achieve.

During this pandemic time the work place and economy has shifted dramatically, in ways that are unprecedented in our life times, with this, has seen women once again get side lined in the work place and find themselves juggling homeschooling and work (a task that from my own experience in nearly impossible). This of course is not solely a female problem but overall the burden has largely fallen more towards women than men.

As we step into this new space, the 'new normal' and school life begins to return, I feel this sense of 'new year, new me' vibe and a move into the last stage of 2020. With this brings a new lease of life, a spark and a desire to 'step things up'.

I realised myself that although during August I had been panic working (knowing my September is full) I have been running my business alongside my kids being at home and in pockets of time, for 6 months now and with the schools returning I am suddenly gifted 9-2:45pm to work (and this feels like a lifetime).

To mark this time I have put together a course with an amazing role model and friend of mine, to help other people to get their work seen. Now before you roll your eyes and expect me to hard sell you a course that costs more than your mortgage, hold fire. This is 10 days of getting visible (10 Day's to Get Seen) and costs only £39.

For 10 week days Leona Burton (MIB International CEO and Forbes featured, Mum of 5) and I will be teaching people: 

  • How to get press
  • How to create sharable content
  • How to show up on camera and network effectively
  • How to tell your story and get seriously visible in your business, blog, podcast or whatever else you want the world to see.

We have packed so much in this course because we know that now is the time to get really clear on your mission, who your audience is but also work on your mindset enough to ride the ups and downs of being in business or sharing your work.

Leona and I have a combined following on social media of over 300,000 men and women, my background as TV actress and as a self development coach has seen me have a platform of some kind since being 11 years old and during it all I have learnt why visibility and making a noise online is the only way to get ahead.

Yes getting seen is nerve wracking and will inevitabley now and then mean you get comments from 'bitchy Sue' on your Facebook or instagram, but once you get past that mindset of judgement, you will soar.

Both Leona and I have a passion for the everyman and women, to help us all succeed (in whatever that means to you) and I see so many people whispering their message, when what they have to show is brilliant and would impact many peoples lives in a wonderful way (including their own).

My question to you is this, if you have something to promote, to show, to sell, is there somewhere you're holding yourself back?

  • Are you telling yourself a story about why you need to do that now, how you're 'too much', or it's not the 'right time'? 
  • What will happen if you give everything a BIG push, you get really visible, reach your desired audience and your message is translated well?
  • How will this STEP UP make you feel? What does this bring up for you.

Have an explore of this area and find ways to set yourself free, you're not supposed to hide your greatness. YOU are important and I want to hear what you have to say.

Your work deserves to be seen, YOU deserve to be seen.

The Course starts on the 14th September, so if you have a gander and feel like you're ready to get a bit disruptive and loud and lift yourself onto a bigger platform, then I shall see you in there.

Well done to everyone for getting flexible during this ever changing time.


Holly x

Holly Matthews

Self Development Coach & Founder of The Happy Me Project, Holly Matthews Ltd

Former TV Actress | self development coach & founder of the award winning brand, The Happy Me Project. I help men and women feel more happy and less crappy, using online courses, workshops, speaking on stage and across my 40,000+ strong social media following. Ambassador for https://www.thebraintumourcharity.org (after the death of my husband to brain cancer in 2017)