What If You Start To Be Kind With Yourself?

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What we’re living right now sucks. It is unprecedented, unique and radical.

There was no way that someone would have predicted this pandemic. No one.

So, when the future looks blur and uncertain, what if you start to be kind with yourself?

I believe it's time to make yourself a priority. 

To upgrade your well-being and mindset to a Premium/VIP membership for life.

I navigate daily in a spectrum of emotions that can derail me at any moment. I feel sad for the number of people fighting for their life, and  I try to keep my good spirits to make my family safe, healthy and positive.

It's an emotional roller-coaster, and if you're an empath, it's even worse because we tune so quickly with the emotions of everyone. It can be overwhelming.

So, when this happens, I give myself permission to be myself. To have a good cry, to feel sorry for others and release my pain and sadness.

I start to pray or meditate and focus on what I'm grateful for.

Sometimes, I just let the pen slide and write everything I am thankful for, and it can turn to 1, 2 or 3 pages in my notebook. 

Or I close my laptop and play with my daughter for 30 minutes and have a quick walk with her to take some fresh hair.

You see since I'm working from home, I say no to see my time and attention being wasted by distractions. I'm more focused and quick to have a dance party with my daughter in our living room. She loves Fleur Sax right now, it's upbeat, joyful and the best cure against overwhelm, anxiety and overthinking. 

I chat and laugh more with my hubby, we celebrated the anniversary of when we started to be together as a couple this month. Hey, we have been together for 13 years, this is worth to celebrate!!
When you develop a gratitude practice, you're more inclined to be kind with yourself. Because you realise that your life is awesome because you are (don't roll your eyes Gorgeous, you truly are) and the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it has your back.

Kiss goodbye to negativity, hustle and worries.

Upgrade your self-care practice.

Listen to your guts and go with the flow.

And start small to create a beautiful difference in your life.

You’re not born for the good, the better, you’re born for the awesome.

If this resonates with you and you don’t know where to start, let’s have a chat. I will help you to create the map to make yourself a priority now.

With love and kindness,


Gaelle Berruel

Motivational Speaker, Mindset Mentor and Wellness Expert, A Rockstar Mindset

Let’s start with three qualities which define me, shall we? I am an optimist, I’m innovative and I’m energetic. If you’re looking for something unconventional blended with optimism and energy, welcome to the Rockstar Mindset QG. I am a Motivational Speaker, a Mindset Mentor and a Wellbeing Expert. I’m also a UK Ambassador for Psychologies magazine, a publication which inspires and motivates readers to create a life they love through the online Life Labs platform. After 10 years working in the banking industry, I created my wellness consultancy, A Rockstar Mindset, to help ambitious women to become the rockstar of their life. How? By getting out of overwhelm, master your wellbeing and mindset so that you become visible and confident like hell. When I became a mum, I strove to be the best mum possible. I did not foresee that my attitude, my pursuit of perfection, would leave me feeling constantly overwhelmed and on the edge of burnout. But it has long been my belief that positivity is a driver for change and leadership, and when I learned about positive psychology and neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change and adapt), I was hooked. “Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” –- C. Peterson My approach is that there is more than we can see, that it’s fundamental to maintain a critical stance and to be independent of thought. I’ve always been the rebel, the outsider, the one to challenge the status quo and bring new and different perspectives or ideas. My encounter with positive psychology and the neurosciences confirmed for me that my beliefs (that we should think outside the box, focus on the positive) were accurate. I was on the right track! Convinced that there was another way to be successful at work and at home, I delved into the world of neurosciences, positive psychology and metaphysics and created my own system, Do Less, Get More Done – a framework that helps women to be successful with less overwhelm, whilst feeling more present. Positive psychology focuses on strengths instead of weaknesses, building the good in life rather than repairing the bad and reflecting on values and attitudes such as optimism, gratitude, compassion, self-esteem and resilience. The study of these topics came about from a desire to help people flourish and live their best lives. “It is not primarily our physical selves that limit us but rather our mindset about our physical limits.” ― E. Langer It is my conviction that every woman deserves to have a healthy mindset so that she can create a life on her terms. Why? Because we deserve to say stop to the pressure emanating from culture, social media, society. We deserve to be accepted and empowered. Our mind is our ally and must be strengthened as such. Shifting our mindset is vital as well as unlearning, removing the old beliefs holding us back, raising our consciousness and developing our intuition. But there's more. Mindset is important but your wellbeing is primordial. Working on your mindset and wellbeing is the formula to create a life you love. Combining your head and heart in everything you do is what makes all the difference. The difference that you crave to create in your life. The world needs us (as women) to positively make a difference to make the life of women, children, and future generations better. It’s time to build a healthy, conscious society based on mutual respect. And I genuinely believe that women have the skills to merge masculine and feminine energy to create something incredible. As for the rest: I love to travel, read books and dance with abandon. I’m married to a marvellous Frenchman and we have a daughter. I am fluent in English and French and I’m an advocate of beauty and women’s empowerment. My philosophy is Forward Thinking Communication and I’m here to help you become the Rockstar of Your Life.