What if...?

What if things were not quite as they seem?

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What if they wrapped your strawberries in celophane so that you didn’t miss the sweet, summer honey smell of childhood stawberry picking?

What if clothes and make up were just another kind of straight jacket to keep us wrapped in conforming shiny brittle shells of plastic?

What if the rush and busy-ness of earning was a drug to keep us from rembering that all that most matters costs nothing;

our loved ones,

the sun,

the sea.

What if the neat tidness of coffin and undertaker removes from our lives the imminent full stop which dares us to live truly and passionately with meaning without putting our dreams off?

What if money had replaced connection and exchange?

What if we have traded relationship for separation?

What if school were a factory of social conditioning and acceptable facts which left out the minority, the majority, the complexity, the fluid, rainbow, changing wild uncertainties and brilliance of life?

What if we understood that happy-ever-after is a story of lack,

a story that there is just one person, ever, for us to love,

if only we could find them and they find us?

What if governments were to crumble and fall?

Would we really face anarchy?

Or would we like the forest, form deeply rooted networks of shared care and resources?

What if instead of earning more, we just wanted less?

What if this


this covid




were the crack

we needed

to climb through

the dense, dark,

cramped, crushing,

cold uncaring walls

of dead ideals and ideas

to find a softer, gentler light?


(Photo: Jon Lydon)

Julie Leoni

Writer, Listener, Teacher, Dr

I am a stress and well-being coach who supports women to ask for what they want and look after their own needs so that they can hear their heart's call and live a more empowered and meaningful life. I draw on experience and training in bereavement, domestic abuse, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Transactional Analysis and other therapeutic approaches to get you loving you. I have 2 sons who I love loads (and who sometimes drive me crazy). I'm a Barefoot Trained coach and I got a distinction for my post-grad cert in 2011. I have a PhD which led me to look at Emotional Intelligence in schools and I have a number of academic and professional qualifications in various types of therapy. I have practiced meditation since I went to India over 25 years ago and I'm currently training to be a yoga teacher. I have written a couple of books, I teach psychology and work with a large variety of coaching clients.