What can we really control?

Covid teaches us about the level of control we have in life, and the opportunities we have to come to terms with that in service to humanity.

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What is interesting to me is not so much whether vaccinations are the right way to go or not during this pandemic. With all things in life, both perspectives hold truth, and cannot be anything but interdependent. To think that either position holds truth over the other is merely the games of a dual, polarized mind. Which, by all means, serves its own purpose.

However, what is more interesting to me are the currents that run underneath the chaos of the personal drama unfolding. What is the evolution of consciousness trying to teach us?

One of the clear underlining themes are the issue of control. Control is at play in almost all narratives playing out in the collective, personal drama. When you step out of the story, what becomes interesting to observe is how consciousness plays with humanity’s illusion that it has any control at all.

Consequently, what I observe humanity struggling with, is the deeper truth that in fact, neither of us has any control at all. There is no more illusion in thinking that science can control Life’s way with us than there is in the illusionary belief that you can rely on your immune system to carry you or your family through a deathly pandemic.

As you ascend the evolutionary staircase within yourself, you realize that all the spiritual dogma is no different from any other conventional dogma that try to install in you some sense of control over your life. You might be lucky, you might not be. It is in a way, the roll of the dice, which is a very uncomfortable truth to grabble with both individually, and even more so collectively.

In order for the mind to avoid the discomfort of its own death, it creates hardcore dogma convincing itself that by thinking right, eating right, and saying the right mantras, one can somehow control one’s own biology — one’s right to exist. The mind thinks it can control life in order to escape the clammy hands of death.

In reality our biology lives its own life. We actually have little awareness of anything that happens in our body, and have little control over it. That does not mean, we cannot take care of our body by feeding it healthy food, giving it water and plenty of rest and exercise — thus giving it its optimal chances for doing its job to keep us alive. But to think that your immune system got your back when it comes to you against the rest of the world is just as much an illusion as thinking that vaccinations alone can bring us back into life as we knew it. Both are nothing but comforting beliefs of the mind, serving to give the illusion of some sort of control over one’s individual life.

This dogma serves as a comfortable hiding place from the truth that not only do we have no control over what happens in our life, but we are in fact individually completely disposable, while humanity at large is (perhaps) not.

The more trapped you are in your personal will, the more you’ll be under the illusion that you have control over anything in your life. You will be slave to the self-absorbed idea that your individual life matters more than the evolution and balance of the whole. And that you as an individual hold more insight into the truth of what is going on in the world as any other person on this planet. When the reality is no one knows. Or maybe we all know. But most only listen to themselves.

All we do know is that we have a choice — and the only choice available is how you choose to be with the experience you are given at this moment in time. And the next moment.

Everything is unfolding moment to moment, and at one point in the unfolding vaccinations can be necessary for the balance of the whole, at another time, it might not be. Whatever we do, both camps have to come to terms with the fact that they cannot control the virus itself. And how they choose to respond to it, says more about the individual and collective capacity for wholeness than what is right or wrong. The virus teaches us the truths of life — what unfolds unfolds, and all we can do is to learn and adapt as we go along.

What can be known is that the fragmentation of reality is happening at an accelerating rate — we see that in many areas of life. But with Covid we see that while it is overall undeniable severe it also is highly unpredictable in how it lets vulnerable people survive while strong people die.

As reality becomes more fragmented it makes it harder for the limited mind to keep up its search for patterns to make up a coherent story to fit its own beliefs, and consequently the pressure builds up for the individual to surrender their personal will to the whole.

As this pressure builds, many will resist, trying to avoid the discomfort of the pressure cooker they are put in. They will get firmer rooted in their personal beliefs, fight harder, become more obsessive about finding proofs for being right, their own inner distrust will be projected back more loudly and inner fears will force themselves on the individual to be faced.

Others will be able to listen to the intelligence of life itself, and move with it, by releasing this pressure of the mind by going inward and releasing the personal will to the Will of the Whole. You can call that that Will of Life, Evolution, the Divine, God, Source energy. It is the intelligent design operating through us, using us as disposable pieces to form a larger puzzle.

For the mind to realize that it (humans) have no control, and our personal importance is so little is a devastating truth. To the mind that is. Its whole world falls apart — what can we then count on, what is then the foundation of our existence? The individual mind has to come to terms with the body that it lives in is disposable and that it will die. We can also call it the death of the Ego. It is the death of believing that our personal life somehow is vital to the evolution of existence.

However, as you surrender to life, it reconciles the deep fear of death that lives and breathe in humanity. Or as you surrender to death, it reconciles your fear of life. However you go about it, the result is that your mind is released from the narrative, the need for story, the attachment to beliefs — you escape the traps of duality — and now you can start to hold a much larger perspective of what unfolds.

As you come to terms with the greater truth of life, you realize there is nothing left for you to do in this life, but to relax and create.

And when you start to birth the creation of your true inner world rather than being caught up in the emotional and intellectual drama of the personal you receive solace from the pain that you are not in control, you cannot know the unknowable. You become truly free to create — create like your life depended on it. And in a way it does. Just that it is not your life, it is the life of humanity. Because it is not in opposition, tearing down and fighting that you birth a new world, it is through the accepting of what is that you can open yourself up to evolutionary push telling you what is next to come, and allow it to use you as a vessel to express itself through.

And as you surrender to this truth, you realize that you do have a role to play. You are invited to the largest party of them all, and you are just here for the ride. For the opportunity that the evolutionary force gave you to contribute to the unfolding of this greater consciousness. Not to tear down, but to build new on what is.

Maiken Piil

Coach, advice and teach on conscious leadership, spiritual intelligence and personal transformation, Rise Within

I love exploring consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. And I believe in the transformational power of inner truth. In my work, I teach about consciousness and how we can grow the power and capacity of our inner ressources. I work with people, who wishes to come into greater balance and harmony by exploring their authentic self and deeper truth. I support my clients in their healing, to expand their thinking and step into the power of their spiritual truth to be of service to others. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?