We are all artists - the creator of our life

Creation is who you are. You are constantly creating and co-creating all aspects of life. The question is, how aware are you of your creative potential, how much joy, each and meaning do you bring into your creation? What kind of artist are you?

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Every artist has their own brushstroke. Each artist, each their own creative process. Basic techniques and principles might be the same, but how they are used is subject to the unique soul of the artist. And in the same spirit, each piece of artwork has its own way into the world.

Artists remind us that we are all artists of life – we are all creators with our unique way of bringing expressions into form. Whether that creation is physical products, solutions or answers to challenges, new inventions, writings, services or projects. There is a unique recipe not replicable by others of what truly works for you to create what life asks of you in every moment. And the recipe will change and be refined as you get to know yourself. The path is to know who you truly are.

However, we live in a world that demand easy one-fit all recipes for creating anything. In all areas of life, we have built our understanding of creation around predictable models that guarantee predictable outcomes.

In our personal life we want 10 easy steps to the perfect relationship, to loving ourselves, to happiness, to the perfect job. Books sell '5 tips to success'. Organizations want one-stop solutions, simple leadership models with clear promises, 10 sure steps to navigate uncertainty, a model to avoid stress, 5 steps to building trust. Facebook is full of ads that sell ready-packed models that guarantee all desires to be fulfilled in simple steps, and promises to fix life in 5 weeks.

These are all ideas rooted in the programmed mind, in our Limited Self’s understanding of life, reality and who we truly are.he part of us that believe that the answers we look for can be found in models with predictable outcomes. And of course, it all works – for some – for some time. But it keep us limited, and hides the true reality of the fluctuating, complexity of life and the evolutionary journey. None of it fits the true reality of life - that life is unpredictable, the nature of life is to grow and evolve, that each circumstance is unique and requires its own unique solution, that what worked yesterday will not work today, that each situation begs its own answers. And that the complexity of life holds a meshwork of forces that influence the unfolding of reality.

But most of all, it denies the truth that each person – although subject to the same laws and principles – at its core holds a unique recipe for creation. That each creation begs its own unique process.

The power balance has tipped to the wrong side of the scale – we have built a world where we have become slaves to these constructs, models and systems in the false belief that they provide some kind of true answer and safe path to where we think we need to go. We think they hold the power over the outcome of our creation, that they will provide us safety from the uncertainty of life. We keep them alive in a circle of false safety – we think we need them to succeed, so we ask of others to provide us with these models, and they do, because that is what sells. 

Models can be good – they can provide a map for the territory we are navigating, they can provide inspiration, and set a direction for venturing into the unknown, be a way to create a temporary shared reality – but they always provide us with false safety, and a limited access to the true nature of reality and to our creative potential.

To do our finest creations and bring ease, joy and meaning to our endeavors, we need to understand and know who we truly are – we need to get in touch with our true self not bound by the constructs and concepts of the outer world and what works for other people, what the collective tells us are the required way to create life, a business, an artwork.

When we work with and from our Expanded Self (our soul, higher self, true self, noble self, divine self – whatever fits your bill) we step into a new relationship with life and creation. We move beyond the programs mind’s needs for predictability and step beyond mind into co-creation with the unfolding of Life, the Universe. We gain access to a greater piece of the territory we navigate – we are led by the moment into discovering new expressions. We are given the opportunity to discover the new. 

 We can stick to the models of safety, or we can say yes to the unknown and allow for the full creative potential to unfold in service to all. What do you choose?

To expand your creative potential, my new book Leadership Alchemy provide you with an insight into what it means to start creating life from your Expanded Self, to discover the deeper truths of reality, and how we all are a co-creators of the unfolding of life. Read more here:



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