Walk the Unknown

The nature of life is unknown. It is constantly changing, transforming and taking seemingly unpredictable twists and turns. Around any corner the unknown awaits.

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What is the right thing to do, will I succeed, what is the right solution, are my dreams fantasy, why is this happening to me, what inner voice to trust….? 

Do you recognize these questions within yourself? And perhaps feel how they drain your energy and makes you feel disempowered?

The disconnection from inner truth creates questions, and the fear of the unknown creates a pressure in the mind to find the answers.

Within the depth of your being the answers exist to all you need to know to navigate this path of the unknown with ease, inner peace and clarity. The question is the answer and the answer is the question.

However, most people look outside of themselves to find answers - often time this is so ingrained in us that we don’t even realize when we do this.

We look to other people’s opinions, validation, systems, methods, solutions, stories and experiences in the hope that it can release the discomfort of the inner fear we have of the unknown. Or we get caught in old patterns and beliefs about our self and about life that cause us to suffer unnecessary.

When we know how to master the unknown, we can come into alignment with our inner truth. We can dissolve the walls that guard the heart and wisdom of our inner world, and as we enter the gates of our inner world, the questions begin to dissipate and inner peace sets in. Our ability to walk the mystery descends upon us. In the unknown the answers reveal themselves.

I invite you to join my new master class ‘Walk the Unknown’ to master the art of transformation and discover the depths of your inner powers.

Although your truth and the path of your life is unique to you, there is an art to mastering the unknown, which we can all learn. It enables us to live in the stream of consciousness without resisting its current. To move with it and adapt our inner and outer environment to create our life.

Read more here: https://maikenpiil.com/walk-the-unknown/

Maiken Piil

Coach, advice and teach on conscious leadership, spiritual intelligence and personal transformation, Rise Within

I love exploring consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. And I believe in the transformational power of inner truth. In my work, I teach about consciousness and how we can grow the power and capacity of our inner ressources. I work with people, who wishes to come into greater balance and harmony by exploring their authentic self and deeper truth. I support my clients in their healing, to expand their thinking and step into the power of their spiritual truth to be of service to others. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?