Tips to Follow Your Purpose and Stay Confident in Your Career Path

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Do you have the feeling that you need a change in your career? Or that you don’t want to go back to what you were doing before lock-down?

I’ve heard many people saying that they don’t want to go back to the office. Or that they’ve realised that they weren’t happy in their job.

Many have been made redundant and feel like they don’t want just to look for a similar role, they want to do something different.

Sometimes we get caught in the routine and we don’t realise that things are not working for us until we are forced to stop.

When we are forced to stop or to  do things differently, we might see things from a different perspective and realise that something needs to change.

I know there is uncertainty out there, and it can be difficult to get clarity, stay focused and confident and make any career progress.

That’s why I wrote this article, to share some tips about how to follow your purpose and stay confident in your career path:

1.Embrace change.

This is a period of change. It’s human nature, we perceive change as a threat, so it’s normal to feel resistance.

But a period of transition and uncertainty (which can be uncomfortable or even painful) is necessary before we can grow and improve.

We need to let go of the things that are no longer serving us if we want to move closer to our goals.

Don’t see change as a threat but as an opportunity to grow. It can be scary, but if you push through that period of discomfort you will see that what’s waiting for you at the other side is always much better. It will be worth it.

2.Get clarity around your motivation.

We tend to think logically. The next logical step in my career is X’. ‘What makes sense for me based on my experience is Y’.

But sometimes our mind/thoughts might be reflecting some programming or beliefs we acquired a long time ago without assessing if they are relevant for us or if we agree with them.

Beware of the inner I should’s /I have to’s. According to whom? What happens if you don’t? Do you agree? Is it relevant for you now?

So spend some time quieting the mind and clearing your thoughts. If you listen to your heart, if you are honest with yourself, if you remove the layers ,  what do YOU ACTUALLY want to do?

If you are not honest with yourself, you will never be fulfilled. We spend so much time at work, if you don’t do something that lights you up, you will spend more than half of your life doing something meaningless. Isn’t it crazy?

If you are not sure about what you want to do, you might want to see this video about how to get career clarity.

3.OWN your purpose.

Once you get clarity about your passion and your next career steps, OWN IT.

One the main struggles resistance I see in my clients (and I’ve experienced it myself personally) is the fear of being criticised, laugh at or rejected if they follow their purpose.

Let me tell you something, when someone criticises you or discredits you, it has nothing to do with you. It’s all about their beliefs, their own fears, their own frustrations.

So when you hear someone’s opinion about your next potential career move, be very careful and ask yourself: Is this real advice? Does this make sense? Is this helping me? Or is it just someone projecting their own limitation onto me?

It is so important to understand what is holding you back and/or impacting your confidence. Is it fear? Old beliefs? Self-sabotaging? Lack of clarity?

Identifying and removing limiting beliefs is something we should do every now and then. Here is a detailed article on how to do it.

If you fear a potential outcome, this exercise is for you, it will give you an immediate confidence boost.

5.Surround yourself with the right people.

Hang out with people who make you feel motivated and empowered.

It’s much easier to succeed when you have role models to learn from and get inspiration, especially if you are changing your career to something very different - you will need that knowledge and inspiration.

Spend time with people who try to help (not tell you what to do based on their own beliefs) and support you (not criticise or laugh at your ideas).

So pay attention to the people you spend time with and make sure to be around the ones that have a positive impact on your mindset.

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