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And how to create Einstein time...

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I'm fascinated by the concept of time. It is something I think about a lot and ironically would like to find more time in which to read about time.

I’m amazed that when I write in Writer's Hour with the London Writer’s Salon (as I am doing now) it is a different time for many of the people there. Recently I had a lovely zoom conversation with two ladies: I am in the UK, one of them was in the US and one of them in Australia. In Australia it was early morning, In America it was lunchtime and for me it was late evening. How wonderful to be able to connect in that way.

I love the fact that in the UK it was the railway network which required time to be standardised and many clocks at regional stations had an extra minute hand to show the time in London. Before that we used local mean time or solar or sundial time. Each place had its own meridian and areas that were apart by one degree of longitude were four minutes apart in time.

When my children were little there was no point in telling them that the clocks had gone forward and we had an extra hour to sleep. They weren’t interested!

In his book ‘The Big Leap’ Author Gay Hendricks talks about Einstein time. He says: “Specifically, I discovered that I had time all wrong. There was never enough of it and I was rushed, or there was way too much and I was bored. ... In a flash of insight, I saw that Einstein's paradigm was the way time actually worked.”

Einstein's time paradigm proposes that time is an illusion that moves relative to an observer. An observer travelling near the speed of light will experience time much more slowly than an observer at rest.

Last Friday I went swimming as I have recently begun to do again. I book the 8.30-9.30am slot and get there as soon as I can after taking my children to school. I had a zoom meeting booked at 10.00 am, and I had to take my car to the garage and walk home from there. Feeling that this wasn’t going to work, I messaged the zoom participants and said I’d probably be late and would try to be there by 10.30. In the pool I was enjoying myself so much that I squeezed in an extra couple of lengths. I still got out before the end of the slot, dropped off my car at the garage and was home by 10.00. I then realised that the zoom meeting was in fact this Friday, today and not last week, thus I had experienced Einstein time and also had an extra hour to get some work done.

Einstein time is also demonstrated in the state of Flow, which you may already know I talk about quite a lot when proposing the many benefits of Mindful Creativity - which I also do a lot. When I am in the state of flow, mainly when I am painting but frequently when writing too, I often feel like I have lost track of time. I’ve been so absorbed in my ‘work’ that three hours or three minutes could have gone by. There have been many times when I have only had ten minutes or so at the end of Writer's Hour to jump into something truly creative yet I am ‘woken’ from the state of flow and find I’ve written 300 or 400 words.

Lastly, I have read reports of people receiving the exact money to cover things like training programmes and courses, just in time to pay for them but the money would have been sent before they made the decision to do so. Which suggests that time isn’t linear in the way we think it is. This has happened to me too:

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to go to the Mindful Living Show in Manchester for the day. To get there from my part of Yorkshire I’d have to pay £88.60 for the train. I didn’t fancy driving that far in a day so I just decided to go for it. I booked my ticket online and went to pick it up from the ticket machine as the station is only over the road but the ticket office would have been closed. I took my son with me, who loves all things trains. As I got my phone out to retrieve the booking code an email popped up from the agent who had sold my rental house for me over six months previously. It said there was an outstanding payment of £88.60 which had left their account before I’d made the decision to buy the train ticket for the exact same amount of money. I still don’t know what the outstanding payment was actually for but I went to the Mindful Living Show and had a brilliant time.

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