This too shall pass

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Having a bad day is normal. Feeling so sad and angry at the world because you can't face getting out of bed in the morning, maybe not so much. Having the life you've always dreamed of and yet feeling utterly miserable for no reason, well that's just crazy right?


You don't have to have lost your job, a loved one, or be in the depths of bankruptcy to feel rock bottom. In fact, in those times, you sort of expect to feel less than ok. It's the type of sadness that sets in for apparently no reason that's the hardest to deal with.

Feeling low is crippling enough without the guilt and shame that you have no right to feel that way, there's always someone worse off than you after all. The truth is depression is hard, unpredictable and draining. There's no quick fix, you can't just snap out of it, and it's not easy to ask for help. PMA (positive mental attitude) doesn't quite cut it and you often don't have the energy for the things that are prescribed to help; exercise, meditation, seeing friends. Everything is all just a bit too much.

I wanted to write this post for anyone who might have found themselves in the same boat and wasn't quite sure how to drag themselves out of it. Winter is particularly hard and I've certainly noticed my mood fluctuating. For me, it helps to notice the feelings when they come up and express them with a trusted friend. I also have to look at how much sleep I'm getting and do my best to fit in some exercise or curling up with a book and switching off from the world for an hour or two.

Low mood, depression or S.A.D are nothing to be ashamed of, they can just make life a bit more of a challenge. We need to recognise that we're not broken and that it's ok not to be the perfect friend, colleague or partner while we're experiencing these feelings and that it's all just temporary. It's so important to be kind to ourselves in these moments, to seek help or just to take a bit of time for ourselves. Whatever works best for you, people will understand and be there to support.

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