The 'Wellness' Conundrum

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When I hear the term 'wellness' I automatically think of overpriced scented candles and trying to master a headstand on my yoga mat. But the true essence of the word couldn't be further away from that.

'Wellness', in it's purest form, is freedom from illness; a way of being that supports the body (and mind) to thrive and function in an optimal way. But 'wellness', the brand we've come to know, is laced with perfectionism and a need to consume the latest trend or product. In an industry where we're constantly being sold a new pill, powder or gadget, it's hard to decipher what is genuinely good for us and what is, quite frankly, a load of old sh*t.

Until recently, I thought of 'wellness' as something you had to achieve, a virtuous way of being that took commitment, time, sacrifice and above all else, money! But with the onslaught of 2020, and a forced new way of living, it became clear that 'wellness' wasn't any of those things, and I had to get back to basics.

'Wellness' soon morphed into moments of peace from the monotony of the news, lockdown and working from home. Things I once took for granted; a sip of coffee or a good book in the bath became small luxuries, a sanctuary from the outside world that I looked forward to. Without gyms or exercise classes, a walk became a vital part of the day; a time to pause, to breath and take in the surroundings, and even smile at a stranger (something I never would have done when walking was simply a way to get from A to B) In these moments, I began to feel more present and calm; a welcomed break from the daily overwhelm of a Covid-19 world.

2020 has taught me that 'wellness' isn't about implementing 'good habits' or jumping on the latest fad. True wellness is taking time for yourself and filling your life with moments of joy (whatever that means to you) Whilst I'm not planning to give up my scented candle addiction any time soon, I will think twice before subscribing to the next 'wellness' trend, when I have everything I need to be happy and healthy right here.

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about 1 year ago

Wellness to me is always about balance. I know when I am off kilter and thankfully over the past few years I have enjoyed finding what has worked for me.

Furloughed from March to August, my partner asked me to move out just as I returned to work, we lived apart for 4 months and he asked me to return as finances were strained for us both.

I was sacked from my job in October and have a lovely new working life which started in January. I am exhausted, angry, confused but my emotional resilience is getting stronger daily.

I am glad to be alive, loved and thankful for the little things. Focus on the's a great place to start.

Thanks for the post, most enjoyable.