The Weight of a Label

When you think about a label, what comes to mind?

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When you think about a label, what comes to mind? Whether it is like a cardboard product price tag or a sticker, it is probably quite small and doesn’t weigh very much.

What if when you were a child someone wrote on a label ‘beautiful’ and pinned it to you?

Then another that said ‘kind’. Until you had several labels which said things like ‘intelligent, helpful, fun, and so on. Do you think it would bother you too much to have labels attached to you?

What if when you were a child someone wrote on a label ‘ugly’ and pinned it to you? Then another that said ‘sulky’. Until you had several labels which said things like argumentative, messy, stupid and so on. Do you think those labels would bother you?

Mostly we take on a variety of labels, some of which are heavier than others. The three labels that come to mind when I think back as far as I can and which were repeated sufficiently often to stick to me were ‘easily led’, ‘contrary’ and ‘difficult’.

As we get older we add our own labels based on our experiences, some common ones might be: lazy, worthless, not good enough, unloveable, unattractive and so on. They might be more positive within your chosen field such as: organised, fashionable, funny, etc.

My point is that behind our backs, when we aren’t looking, we attach more and more labels to ourselves to help define us in our lives as we move through them. We navigate our way by subconsciously reading other people’s labels. “Hmm, this person is also feeling not good enough, they will understand me and so we can get along together in our not-good-enough-ness. Or “Oh my goodness look at that person so confident and stylish, they terrify me and will probably look down on me so I had better avoid them at all costs.”

This goes on all the time whether we are aware of it or not.

A constant need to define ourselves.

I invite you to take a minimum of five minutes. You can use my free five minute meditation music if you want to. For five minutes imagine yourself sitting where you are, covered in labels. Visualise the labels however you want to - luggage tags, stickers, marker pen graffiti. Notice what your labels say. Think about who put them there and whether you can take some of them off.
Picture yourself removing the ones you don’t want and disposing of them responsibly. Recycle them into something beautiful or return them in your mind to who put them there.

Get rid of the label and make sure when you take it off, the feeling of that thing goes with it too.

Do you feel lighter?
Keep in mind the labels you wish to keep, straighten them up, wear them with pride so that other people can read them and connect with you.

On the subject of labels, last week I had a medical appointment and somebody asked me what I do for a job. Nobody has asked me that for a while and I didn’t know what to say.

The certificate on the wall behind me says I am a Creative Mindfulness Practitioner. Nobody knows what one of those is - yet.

Maybe I’m a Life Coach - Creative Life Coach?

I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t really like being called a coach. I don’t see myself as coaching you, I see myself as guiding and encouraging you, sharing in your story and allowing you to rewrite it in the way that is right for you

So, facilitator then?

Attentive Art Therapist.

What’s that? You say.

After thinking about it probably way too much, I decided to stick with coach because I think it is what people search for when they are looking for someone to facilitate and guide them to a new place in their lives.

I can’t help you if you can’t find me.

So I decided to further clarify and explain what I do, why I do it, what to expect and how it can work for you. I have repackaged what I offer and this includes the addition of Magic Monday Hours, which I’m really excited about. You can read all about it HERE.

In other news, last Friday I hosted a small online gathering of people from The Attentive Art Group in my first official Attentive Art Night. It was a great success and so I have arranged another one for Friday 15th October at 9pm UK time. You are all invited. It is free. It is fun. Find out more and put your name down HERE

Following on from a recent article I wrote about energy and environment, I am experimenting with and studying how our environment affects us on an emotional level and can we utilise our environment through art to improve and boost our wellbeing?

Our chakra system seemed like a good starting point, so I have made a range of little canvases. Each one is painted in the corresponding colour to each of the seven chakras and I have embroidered each one with its own symbol with both embroidery thread and gold thread. To top it off, I have stitched a gemstone which relates to each one’s energy in the centre. You can take a closer look at them HERE.

I am holding my first ‘in person’ workshop in a loooong time this weekend at a local art gallery. It is a Creative Visualisation Workshop:

“Paint an abstract canvas to bring your desires into reality. Using your choice of colours, creativity, music and your five senses, make your own artwork. Painting the feelings of already having the thing that you want. By visualising it in this way and creating a beautiful representation of it on canvas, you are more likely to bring it into your reality - especially when you hang your lovely self painted artwork in your home and look at it every day. It will remind you that what you want is on its way to you.”

If you would be interested in taking part in an online version of this workshop, please let me know HERE.

Thank you and have a wonderful week,

Sophie X

PS. I have taken down one of my courses for a redesign. Just for now you can buy it in its original form for just £9.99 - yep less than a tenner! Find Your Future in Five Days is the first course I created. You can find out more HERE.

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