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This week I have been decorating our front room. It is a small room which is a challenge sometimes because our house has a lot of rooms but the ones which need to be big aren’t and the ones which could be smaller are big (our bathroom and kitchen are about the same size as the living room). So our front room has a three seater and a two seater settee, we bought them when we moved in as they fit the room well but the covers only came in white, brown or lime green. We bought two sets of white. The first set got dyed red. Then after that got tired and faded, I dyed them black which lent them a lovely maroon colour which was nice for winter, but now the other white set needed pepping up so we went for a happy summery yellow. The walls have been a pale grey for the last six years, we have a dado rail around the middle painted white. I spent a marathon night after the kids were in bed painting the top half white the other day and got to bed at about 3am to then get up and do another coat the next morning. This was followed by a walk to the seafront to buy my children ice cream for being so helpful and letting me actually get it done. That night I was in bed early! 


The room is coming along as I look for creative solutions to jazz it up without being able to go to many second hand shops or IKEA. The things I would have bought from there are not available online so it has been a fun challenge. I picked up a narrow nest of tables which need sanding and a coat of varnish from a little shop on the way to the beach; they will replace the table I made before my children were born from two wooden wine crates and a wardrobe door. This project has made me see my home and this room in a new light as we see it being put back together differently. It is utterly refreshing and a lovely new perspective. Which leads me to...

This weeks challenge

Take a look at an aspect of your life or home from a different perspective. Move a chair, sit in a different spot or look at a mirror without looking directly in it, what part of your room can you see? What shapes are made there? 

Sit in the passenger seat of your car or occupy a seat which someone else usually sits in. 

 Make a drawing, collage or a list poem. Does it tell you anything about your environment that you hadn’t considered? Is there anything you want to change or declutter? 

What feelings came up for you when you saw your home or life differently? Does it match how you want to feel about it? If not why not and how can you change that? 

You don’t need to delve too deeply if you don’t want to, make it fun, allow yourself to consider the different options you have, stick with what you have if you like it, but you will have an interesting piece of art or writing as a result. It’s the process not the final piece that is important. 

Last week's challenge. 

I feel as though I cheated a bit here although I didn’t at all; I think it is because I had the water theme in my mind that one day, when I was feeling frazzled and I needed to paint, I chose all blue shades and painted a landscape orientated canvas. The left side began to look like clouds, then the right side began to resemble water, I got the glitter and glue out and worked on it some more. Then, when I turned it around to a portrait orientation, it looked so much like the sea and sky I just had to use it for this challenge. I worked on it some more using pastels as it was a bit too sparkly even for me. I’d love to know what your water interpretation looked like.

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