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How to go from small town girl to the silver screen

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Have you ever done that thing that so many coaching clients of mine have done (and so I have), where we count ourselves out, before we ever stepped in.  ‘Oh there’s no point asking for promotion/ applying for that job/ asking that person’ because  they will ‘say no /reject me/ be angry/ think I’m silly.’

So many of us ‘pre-decide’ what we think other people will think and then act upon what we think they are thinking without ever even asking them what they are thinking.

But not Yolanda, or at least not any more.  I used to teach her (yup…that does make me feel old!) and she was a pleasure to teach, sunny, curious, interested and normal; whatever that means.  She wasn’t born in a huge house with parents with endless useful connections and yet she’s awaiting the release of a Marvel film in which she plays a part! From small market town to the silver screen in the 14 years since I saw her last.

How did she do it?  Hard work for sure, focus, dedication and more hard work.  AND…she has a go.  She doesn’t pre-decide and opt out.  She shows up for auditions, does her best and then moves on.  More than that, she shows up, has fun, makes friends with the other people going for the same roll as her, and moves on having learned, made friends and had fun.

When we talked on the podcast, she was the same lovely, warm, interested, curious young woman, who has shaped her life by saying ‘yes’, taking some big steps, appreciating what she has and having fun along the way.

Yolanda would like to dedicate this conversation to her mum about whom she says; ‘I owe a lot of my career to my mum who ensured that I go to ballet and martial arts and taught me about a strong work ethic and always believed in me.  She is very independent and girl-power, probably my biggest feminist influence’

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