Should I put my career change on hold?

If this question has been swirling around your head recently about delaying any change in your career, or even forgetting it all together. Hold on those thoughts my friend.

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Be confident in knowing that this is perfectly normal when considering a career change… even outside of a pandemic.

But it’s about understanding why you’re contemplating putting the kibosh on it altogether.

  • Is it fear of the unknown?
  • Self-sabotaging that you’re not good enough to make a career change?
  • Or feeling overwhelmed with where to even begin?

Career changes can be both exciting and daunting.  They go hand in hand along with what if’s, maybe’s and but’s.

I’m going to be honest with you…

A successful career change doesn’t happen overnight.

A successful career change takes time, work and commitment to make it happen.

Where you are now is perfect, you can start work behind the scenes on your career change whilst you’re in your current job.  Building the foundations and preparing yourself for the future you.  The you who wants to work in a job doing what they love, believing in what they do and feeling excited each morning they wake up to work.

This will become your motivation and drive on those tough work days; the inspiration that you’re working towards something great for you and your career.

So here’s the thing, it’s time to get really honest with yourself about what’s going on for you and your career change decisions.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s holding you back from doing the work behind the scenes now?

Once your clear on your reasons why, then ask yourself:

  • What action can I take to help me make my career change happen?

And then:

  • Where do I want to be 6 months from now?

This mini-review is perfect at helping you to figure out what’s going on, what’s holding you back and then how you can move past this.

Anything that you put your heart and mind to can be done.

Stop limiting yourself.

Don’t be afraid to aim high. You can get there with the right mindset.

Your new career is just around the corner my friend.

Josie Copsey

Life Change Expert, Author, Mentor, Josie Copsey Ltd

Career changes, figuring out the perfect job, building incredible leaders and wellbeing are my jam. But before all of this, there was a corporate girl who had to go through quite a few setbacks, lessons and experiences. Ambitious, driven and focused I built a very successful change and training career that spanned over two decades. Helping leadership teams of large companies to transform their business. But back in 2013 I had enough. I was lost and didn’t recognise who I was anymore. A combination of being professionally bullied, suffering with burnout from working 12-hour days and zero personal life had done me in. My corporate work life had taken over me, I was selling my soul to a job and my health was suffering as a result. I took action and quit the job. Getting clear on my career was the ultimate light-bulb moment for me. But, there had been no definitive path in how I go about making this career change happen; all I knew was what I wanted to do and my determination and focus guided me through. I’m a gal who loves to plan and organise – a couple of my superpowers – so I documented every step and action I took knowing that one day, this would help others just like me. Those who have an idea on what they want to do, but unsure how to make it happen. Those who feel lost and hate their job, but don’t know what to do. Those who are stuck and looking for direction. I teach what I’ve done personally to build a career doing what I love and living the life I want. I’m all about taking action; you tell me what you want and I’ll show you how to make it happen. It is absolutely possible and achievable to be in a job you love; a job that brings you purpose and job satisfaction. You’re here for a reason. Your talents, your heart, your passion – you are one of a kind.