Self Improvement needs to be a habit

When I look upon this year so far, I can't believe how much I have done and it is only May. Only May! I am so glad I returned to using Facebook it has been uplifting, its a happy habit.

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When I decided to return to using Facebook (FB) in Autumn 2020 it was because I had become restricted in my own home, there was a pandemic on, still is, and I had once thought of Facebook as a mechanism that required too much engagement from my real life to see what was going on in the lives of others.

In late Autumn, I had hit a point where I had spent so much time with my next of kin, yet seen little of friends and extended family. I was desperate. 

I re-ignited my account and started a fresh. I clicked. I reconnected. I amended the settings so that I chose to look at it rather than receiving hundreds of notifications suggesting I take a look at this and take a look at that. Wow. It was once time consuming, now it slots into my day for about thirty minutes of reading time, maximum.

I love it. 

I feel re-connected with family.  I want to know what they are having for tea. I need some new ideas. I want to find out how the many connections in private groups I have are fairing. I love to hear positive stories and helpful quotes from famous people. Thank you, FB for keeping me connected during the crazy months of Covid.  

In January I took a hint from Suzy Walker when she referred to a man and spoke very fondly of him. I decided to follow him on FB. I had always listened to him at my own leisure in the past but never quite taken his words seriously, however I began to wonder if the foundation of coaching had an origin and believed a voice that covers the ground within the last fifty years was worth investigating. It was a little like seeking out Jesus in the Bible, yet for me, my source was Tony Robbins. 

Once I'd clicked upon his Facebook page, of course, the advertising commenced. Who would have believed I was happy to pay attention? It was because he said he was doing a Zoom seminar for free. For FREE. Who wouldn't listen? This guy costs a fortune to see/visit in person. I wanted in.  I clicked - happy to attend - and I committed to the most amazing experience online in early February 2021. The seminar, it was called New World New You and ironically the Psychologies Magazine had been saying something remarkably similar over the months of December to January. It was like following a crumb trail. Where was I headed?

So much happened in the seminar. I was enchanted. 

In the past I was asked, who I would like to have dinner with, I once said Shakespeare or Marilyn Monroe, however scrap that, all change, how about Tony Robbins.  I could sit and listen to him for hours. I in fact did this via Zoom, sat and had dinner with him over four days. It was a phenomenal experience. My attraction and interaction with Tony Robbins and his beliefs and wisdom captivated me. The words I totally connected with, it was like he was saying everything I think and I thought. It was so wonderful to connect with someone who sings from the same hymn sheet, even if it was via Zoom. It was amazing.   

So many words that I have heard exchanged since January to today, make so much sense. I'd heard a lot of this before, I've watched and listened to so much, but arguably passively until now.  

Since the seminar, I have read more. I have visualised more. I have seen more and my health and vitality is improving. I feel revitalised. All down to a simple word - Habit.

I hear words like 'rituals' but I don't feel comfortable with them. I hear words like no pain no gain, and winner takes it all. I don't like these either, too competitive. My recent focus has become, my passion is that I care so much, I want to have fun in all that I do and we can all win. We all, in truth want different things.  The word habit has become my focus. What habits do I want that will generate a full, healthy, fun and a wealthy life?

They can because they think they can.


I am 'focusing' daily now, I will let you know what I am up to very soon and of course I am continuing to read my favourite magazine because without which I would never have immersed within so many amazing online communities, connecting with some great and amazing people via  zoom calls - one of which is with the powerful ladies up in Scotland - once a month, and learning to dance and sing in my kitchen, even when people are watching.  

I have learned this year that self-improvement needs great habits and on my list even Facebook gets a 30 minute daily slot because it helps me to feel connected, especially during one of the most disconnected years so far. Who's disconnected? Not I!

Cheers to connections, wonderful habits and self-improvement. They create the most amazing opportunities. So far, I have burned a few boats (not literally, this is metaphorically) I have shifted in my work, again, and I am in love with the role and environment I am in right now. Soon subject to change, again, and I welcome it. Life is filled with changing up, can truly be fun. I am living the dream right now.  This can be done at any age and long may it continue.    

You take care until the next time when I hope to pluck up the courage to be Going Live with my vlogs. Onward I go in making this a new habit. Wish me luck! 



P.S. Thank you to Suzy Walker for being an absolute legend on my behalf these recent few years. I miss catching up with your #MondayMotivational inspirations.

Julie Spencer

Ambassador and Learning Support Assistant, Psychologies Magazine

Proud Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine. The magazine encapsulates many of my core values: being kind, have compassion, look after your health and wellbeing, be professional and be supportive of others. A little self belief can go a long way. I have studied as a mature student. I went into a writing frenzy and spent 3 years writing in solitude. I was a stay at home mum, too. What I learned: being alone for long periods of time is bad for your health and wellbeing. Thanks to a little nudge from Psychologies Magazine I am reconnecting and rebuilding my C.V. I'm a creative. I have lots of ideas and I need to constantly realign my focus onto one project at a time. Until recently I had a real fear for public speaking, but after reading a book that suggested I acknowledge my fears and challenge them anyway; with the support of the Psychologies community and more I'm working through my fears one blog at a time.