Rituals that will fire up your productivity

I often find myself talking with clients about not feeling motivated and productivity levels being low.

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It’s tough isn’t it?  Sitting at home on your laptop, staring at the same wall with the distraction of the housework looming behind you.  I want to connect you to the rituals in each day that are going to fire up your productivity.  So you feel you don’t have a choice but to burn through your agenda.

1. Breakfast

Let’s start as we mean to go on.  Food to fuel your fire.  I remember talking about my ideal day with my coach.  We talked about breakfast.  It got me excited for the start of my day and helped me to line up what I wanted to follow on from that.  Including my work start time (which back then was 11am as I was kid free!), the type of work I wanted and who I wanted to work with.  And mine is coffee, poached eggs with avocado on toast, sriracha sauce and a squeeze of lime!

My favourite local for brunch is Heirloom in Edlesborough

2. Movement

This morning I moved my body properly for the first time in months, maybe even a year.  It felt unreal and I’ve been flowing nicely through my day ever since.  I decided today that I’d give the Couch To 5k running thing a go.  I don’t run.  It doesn’t suit me but I completed the first session and I plan to do more.  My mind thought, ‘oh it won’t be enough cos I’ll be shit and then give up’. But it turns out getting outside, seeing the sky and spring blooming, and getting my heart pumping worked wonders.  For me, movement works best at the start of my day.

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3. Dress For Work

I’ve had a couple of conversations about this with creative freelancers this week. Everyone dresses for work differently but all said they had a certain approach for when working from home. For some, it means putting on a bra or their eyelashes (!), for others it is dressing in their favourite colour or a more styled outfit that gives them a pep in their step and a little more power in their energy.

Follow Lou Lou at The Styling Storey for how to use style for confidence

4. Breaks

Be sure to slow things down once you’ve had a productive stint.  Perhaps have a conversation, get a drink, stretch, power nap, read, meditate…whatever it is you do to wind down a little.  I’ve actually just needed that exact break whilst writing this.  I’ve come back to power through to the end though!

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5. Change Of Scene

As creatives, we often need a change of scene to thrive.  Don’t get stale sitting in the same place all day or week.  Notice when the wheels are slowing and move.  Try a different spot in your house, or get out to a local cafe or library.  Reset yourself to begin work again with renewed inspiration and less distraction.  Alternatively, look at working from a co-working space.  Taking a break, getting a drink, having a conversation and changing your scene will all become easier and quicker in this setting.

I co-work and coach from Kindred in Hammersmith, London

6. Pace

Busy and productive are different things. We all move between a faster and slower pace and we want any time we spend on work to be focussed and productive. The important thing is to know when you are at your best.  I know I can pressure myself to be in the fast lane all the time. Keeping busy and trying to stay motivated on top of my personal life, which is also full. When I choose to slow my pace and make time for my fave self-care practices, I find the mental space to fire things up again.  I’m not truly productive without this down time.

It’s also important for me to not cram too many things into the space I have in any work day.  It has to be realistic and achievable otherwise I flit about all over the place and end up procrastinating.  If we use delay tactics we tend to end up less productive and stuck in a slower pace unintentionally. Be intentional.

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These ideas may seem obvious.  So why aren’t you doing them?  Take this as permission to reset your rituals and the accountability to make it happen.  Report back on your productivity.

Tommy Ludgate

Coach For Creatives, Brightly Imagine

My mission is to help anyone with a creative soul overcome the challenges that are holding them back in their professional career and personal wellbeing. With over a decade’s experience in coaching singers, songwriters and performers, I am an expert in nurturing people and bringing their talents to the main stage. In a former life, I performed with Paloma Faith, Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller and released an iTunes Top 10 Blues album. I am experienced in the challenges that can hold artists back and in building effective strategies to overcome them. I use my unique blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching experience to give creatives the power to achieve personal and professional success. Whether you’re an aspiring children’s author, freelance graphic designer, musician or stylist, I am passionate about working with your creative talent to enable you to achieve the results you deserve.