Reverse Racism - Does it exist?

We cannot play the blame game, but we cannot pretend that a harsh reality does not exist.

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Reverse racism is a very touchy topic. It can cause tempers to flare and hearts to harden. Many feel uncomfortable, and many feel defensive. Some believe that it doesn't exist, while others are certain that it does. So who is right and who is wrong? Or is that even relevant?

Collectively we know for sure that racism is real. And the truth is that everyone lives with an element of prejudice. Let's own it! Some may call it a "difference of opinion" or "personal preference." when it becomes offensive and disrespectful.

So what is reverse racism? By definition, it is when one race sees themselves as the victims of being called racist. For example, Black people have been frustrated and rightfully so, at the injustices of Black men, by White police. So when there appears to be an uproar, there are many who will feel like they are being victimised and threatened just because of their skin color.    

The truth is that reverse racism shows an element of fragility, which is uncomfortable. Many are aware that racism alone encompasses a systemic and unequal distribution of power between races. Sadly, when these portions of racial bias and influence in the workplace are revealed, it causes negative feelings, once harboured, to be unleashed. 

It's one thing to voice frustrations; however, if a person who is not Black tries to mimic their cries, it's disrespectful., it's painful. Racism plays a significant role in so much more than what most realise. From employment to academia, from finances to healthcare – racism has snuck its way into every corridor. Reverse racism is the term "racists" use to express their fear of a power structure being turned upside down. Let's imagine a world where the system did turn upside down, and suddenly; Black supremacy was the norm instead of white; this still wouldn't be reverse racism; it would be racism.

So, does it exist? Does it not exist? I believe the response to that depends on the person and what their viewpoint is. However, my conclusion is this – there must be awareness and respect for what all people endure. We cannot play the blame game, but we cannot pretend that a harsh reality does not exist. Reverse racism will always be a hot topic. Collectively, let us change the narrative! Let us have those difficult conversations. 

Samantha Carbon
Psychotherapist - MSc Psych, PTSTA (P), CTA (P), UKCP, MBACP
Clinical Supervisor
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Samantha Carbon UKCP Psychotherapist

Samantha Carbon is a psychotherapist running a private practice. Following a background in the financial industry, Samantha set out to follow her true passion and pursue her training as a psychotherapist. Today, Samantha assists people in the process of finding the peace of mind they deserve. In particular she works with individuals with a history of addictive behaviours such as alcohol, drugs, sex & gambling. She works with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, loss, work related stresses and gender dysphoria, as well as couples. She is dedicated to supporting people to identify their self-worth and improve the quality of their lives. She works with corporates in understanding workplace diversity, understanding intolerances and biases.