Projecting Our Past Into Our Future

Visualise a new future and bring it into reality...

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Visualisation is a common practice among successful people. Olympic athletes use it to envisage themselves winning. I watched a programme once with a gymnast who struggled with rehearsing a routine on the bars, she went through it in her mind and then was able to do it without making a mistake. Scans on her brain at the time showed that to her mind, it didn’t matter whether she was sitting down and mentally doing her routine or was actually flinging her body between two high up horizontal bars.

So if our subconscious can’t tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, why aren’t we all living our dream?

Because we don’t know how to feed our subconscious the thoughts that will take us there, partly because we don’t know what it will feel like to visit that country or have that career or live in that mansion or whatever the dream might be. We know how it feels in our current reality, we know how it felt in our past, so we keep thinking thoughts from our past and present and creating the same situations we are used to.

It reminded me of a tv programme my children used to watch when they were little, I think it was called Nellie and Nora and it was about two girls who lived by the sea and seemed to always have a game where they moved objects in sequence to get from A to B. In one episode I remember they were at the beach and the sand was too hot to to walk on. They had two beach mats so they stood on one of them and put the other one in front, then they took the one from behind them and put that in front, stepped onto it and took the one from behind and so on in a series of stepping stones to get where they wanted.

I think this is what we do in our lives, in order not to step on what is hot (painful) we continually project our past in front of us and step back into it and then we turn around and pick up another mat with a picture of our past on it and step into that past again, however recent it might be it is still the past.

Another way to look at it is to imagine you have a mat that you have stood on behind you, and that you have projected an image of your present which is influenced by your past onto it. Instead of reaching around and stepping into it, see yourself shake it clean, mentally project your desired future onto it and then choose to step into that reality, if you keep doing it until you reach your destination it will have become your present.

You could try drawing a picture of your desired reality and putting it down in front of you a bit like the chalk drawings on the street in Mary Poppins, step into it and allow all the senses to come to life.

Something I have been using and have decided to share is a visualisation document. This document is designed to provide your subconscious ‘downstairs brain’ with the reality it needs to help you to make something happen in your life using images, writing exercises and all of your senses. Are you ready to live your dreams? Find out more about it HERE and remember life is meant to be fun!

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