...what lies beneath?

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What happens

when you peel away the celophane

from your

airtravelled roses and smell


What happens when the confident laughing girl you met last night

wakes up beside you smudged, barefaced and vulnerable?

What happens when we take children

out of their uniforms

and see individuals instead of


What would happen if we opened the coffins

and let the sweet smell of

the insipient rotting of beloved flesh

awaken us to


what matters as we live?

Artful policies,

shrink-wrapping complexity

into bite sized breakfast bars

to be eaten on the run

as we run on empty.

Packaged in our warm homes,

enchanted by the spell of screens,

eating plastic food,




Tear it all away.

Tear off the shrink wrapped,


and plunge your hands into deep dark earth,

throw your head back to let the sharp night air run its knives across your frail and mortal skin.

Howl at the burning forests

the melting ice

the famine

the drought

allow yourself to feel the terror

of what we face.





your way to wilderness,

to your own

atrophying species


use your


your jaws,

your guts,


tear away the plastic

to the flesh

of life beneath.

(Photo: Wendy Corniquet)

Julie Leoni

Writer, Listener, Teacher, Dr

I am a stress and well-being coach who supports women to ask for what they want and look after their own needs so that they can hear their heart's call and live a more empowered and meaningful life. I draw on experience and training in bereavement, domestic abuse, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, Transactional Analysis and other therapeutic approaches to get you loving you. I have 2 sons who I love loads (and who sometimes drive me crazy). I'm a Barefoot Trained coach and I got a distinction for my post-grad cert in 2011. I have a PhD which led me to look at Emotional Intelligence in schools and I have a number of academic and professional qualifications in various types of therapy. I have practiced meditation since I went to India over 25 years ago and I'm currently training to be a yoga teacher. I have written a couple of books, I teach psychology and work with a large variety of coaching clients.