Mind the Gap

Don't make yourself miserable


Mind the gap


What you think you should look like

and what your body is.



what you thought you thought you would be,

and who you are now.



what you thought love was

and how it is daily, between the dishes and the washing machines.



the kind of parent you were going to be

and the tears and the screams.



the kind of kids you dreamed of

and the kids you have.



the one big way you thought you’d change the world,

and the tiny, daily, unnoticed things.



who you think he or she should be,

and who they are in reality.



What your head says,

and what your body and heart communicate.



What society expects of you,

and who you know yourself to be.



What you want,

and what you need.



your words,

and your deeds.



what you know to be true for you,

and how like to please other people.



The wordly treadmill of 9 to 5,

and what you want to do before you die.


Mind the gap indeed,

for the bigger the gap,

the bigger the fall,

the bigger the pain.


 [thank you Jon Lydon for yet another stunning photo]

I am a life coach, yoga and psychology teacher, lecturer, researcher, writer, podcaster, tree hugger, horses lover, wild swimmer, mother, sister and friend.  If you think I sound like the kind of person who might help you find what makes your heart sing, come over to www.julieleoni.com to find out more (free courses, blogs, books etc).  See you there.  Go well. Julie x

Julie Leoni

Regenerative living coach, author, podcaster, facilitator, educator, Dr

'Things fall apart, the center cannot hold'

(W. B. Yeats, 'The Second Coming)

Times are changing whether we want them to or not and we need to be nimble, agile, curious and open in order to part of the new story emerging.

Work with me to get clear on what matters to you, what makes your heart sing and to get clear the kind of future you want for yourself and those you love.

Business as usual is no longer possible.  We need to dramatically shift how we think and live in order that the planet and all those people we share it with as well as our children's children, flourish.  This is the time of the Great Turning (Joanna Macy) and each of us can play our part in tipping life towards health and well-being for all.

Finding your thing or things can be the most radical thing you can do for your own well-being and for the well-being of the planet.

Work with me to create a life where your energy, health, social connection and emotional and social well-being are not just sustained, but improve, regeneratively. 

I am an author, educator and researcher who coaches individuals and organisations to find more regenerative ways of living and working in order to support the health of all peoples, the more than human world and future generations.

My work and study has shown me about the interconnectedness of all things, and our dependency on each other for well-being.

There are more things to measure than income and status so let's start creating the world we want our grandchildren to live in.  It starts here and it starts now with each of us, daily.  

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