Losing spiritual identity

Are you losing your spiritual identity? If you these days are experiencing a shift in the relationship to or experience of your spirituality, it can mean that you are losing your spiritual identity. And that is a good thing.

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Perhaps the allure of your tarot card deck is fading, referring to yourself as a clairvoyant is losing its attraction, your interest in the trickeries of the Law of Attraction is directed to a deeper interest in inner peace, or you start to feel that it is a waste of energy concerning yourself with mercury in retrograde since it doesn’t hold any real power over your life anyway.

Whatever it is that you are experiencing, you are most likely moving through a transformational phase of losing your spiritual identity. This can cause confusion, a sense of lostness and even fear when this happens.

However, no matter how bewildering it might feel, embrace it, because you are standing on the threshold of something really amazing; a deeper and more authentic relationship to yourself and the evolutionary flow of Life.

Being spiritual is a fade
Spirituality has been defined differently throughout the years. However, the most common definition of spirituality is our ‘innate inner connection to something greater than ourselves’. Personally, I also like to include the more metaphysical perspective, which is the deeper energetic reality giving rise to all form, which comes alive in us through deep awareness. The point is, we are all spiritual. It is just the essence of who we are.

However, identifying with ‘being spiritual’ is a part of the awakening process to that greater truth. It is a phase we need to go through in one form or another to awaken. It often happens when we have identified with our more limited personal identity for many years, and then start to realize that we are more than the beliefs we hold and there is more to life than the matter we touch with our hands and. We start to awaken to our spiritual nature. We see a glimpse of the promised land.

Establishing a new identity as ‘being spiritual’ becomes a new way for one to learn about oneself, explore oneself, and create a sense of self. One’s old identity is being traded for a new spiritual identity, which comes with new hope, a new set of beliefs, interests, opinions, terminology and ways to interact with the world. Engaging with spiritual tools, entertainment and practices are ways to investigate one’s spiritual nature, and gain understanding of one’s relationship to this ‘new reality’ of life.

This new spiritual identity is like a laboratory for experiencing ourselves in new ways, and it is a natural phase of awakening to the evolutionary journey to realize one’s true nature. It is however important at some point to move out of this phase of the awakening process if we wish to come into our true, authentic expression and interconnectedness with the intelligence of life.

The traps of spirituality
We cannot force this move, it has to come as a natural impulse. However, we need to listen to it when it arises. The world of spirituality can easily become a trap where people get stuck in their journey because they mistake their new spiritual identity for illumination. It is a world filled with lofty promises of quick and easy access to wealth, God or Goddess status, an easy life, followers, power or a superior way of living. In other words, no different than the ‘traditional’ world one left or rejects, but it somehow tastes better when poured out of spiritual bottles. Spiritual knowledge can be falsely claimed as superior.

Spirituality can become just another way for one’s personal identity to play out, to get trapped in the mind’s illusions and negate deeper personal fears and limitations. Shadow aspects are just given new form; personal drama, anger, judgment and suffering find new expressions through spiritual justification. Spirituality is merely a new vantage point to see an aspect of the world as more ‘right’ than others, another place to be subdued into duality and limiting belief-systems, another way for the deeper need to control life and avoid suffering to express itself.

Essentially, spiritual people easily play out the same fundamental patterns of conditioning as the rest of the world, just with other labels.

For some time, it can feel like living a new and more empowered life, but essentially, it is not providing what I believe most people really seek;

To feel innately safe, at peace, loved and fulfilled – along with other higher virtues. In essence, what I call returning to soul, to our true authentic nature, to our connectedness with the totality of life.

‘Being spiritual’ and engaging in all the spiritual games of the world is a natural phase to go through to get closer to our true self. However, it is important to grow out of this elevated game of the mind if we wish to come into deeper balance and harmony with the totality of life. The true purpose of our spiritual identity is to help us awaken to an embodiment of love and wisdom that allow us to come into oneness and shine our true, authentic essence into the world.

Transcending your spiritual identity
If you have a calling to return to that inner essence we can call Soul, you have probably made good use of your time in the world of spirituality, and done the inner work necessary to heal and release the attachments of your personal identity. You have probably experienced that all of the spiritual noise starts to quiet down. The mind becomes more silent, and you start to realize that your spiritual identity is yet another play of the mind. In other words, you start to lose your spiritual identity. Embrace it. Let it all go and prepare yourself for what comes next.

When you come into deeper relationship with yourself and the connectedness of all Life, you’ll find out that there is no more spiritual truth to be found in one’s tarot cards than there is in a picture of your grandad. That does not negate the relevance of tarot card, but that truth changes your relationship to tarot card.

You’ll discover that the next spiritual high is yet another fix of the mind, and that you don’t really need to attend one spiritual retreat after another to access your true nature. It is already there and available to you any minute of the day.

You stop chasing peace and start to become peace.

You’ll realize that you can no more control your body through eating right than you can your thoughts. Or that all the money in the world cannot provide you with the sense of safety you really long for.

Your desire to know dies down, because you realize that it is a never-ending quest of the mind, which will never provide the solace you truly seek. And what you need to know, is always available anyway, so why waste energy seeking it and not just rest in the moment.

You start to trust and be in peace with the totality of it all.

The list is long of all the new experiences and insights that becomes available when you let go of your spiritual identity and trust the simplicity of life and the true strength of your inner nature.

To be nobody is to be peace
The journey to Soul is to become nobody. When you truly become aware, you begin to lose your sense of personal Self, and all the definitions and titles that your lower mind needs to hold on to in order to create some sense of control and certainty in life. Eventually you learn to stay non-attached to all things transient.

What is not transient is our Soul. And as we allow our soul to permeate our personal identity, we start to lose the need to identify with our spirituality or with anything at all for that matter. Listening to the impulse to let go of your spiritual identity and all the tools, practices and entertainment it uses to experience itself, is a step on the journey to become nobody.

As you allow yourself to transform once again, your beliefs will change, what you know and how you know it will change, your sense of self will change. You’ll realize that all things personal are transient, and that we can keep finding new attachments. Letting go of your spiritual identity teaches you that all things personal are transient. We can play with it, knowing it is nothing more than means to experience oneself. We can just allow the natural process of transformation and dwell in the delight of the constant mix of the non-transient and transient.

What lies ahead is a simplicity of life. Life is meant to be enjoyed. What matters is kindness. There is little need for all the shenanigans attached to ‘being spiritual’. The only thing we are in control of is how we meet what life brings, and it becomes easier and more enjoyable to meet the totality of it all, the more we lose our attachment to all things personal and allow ourselves to become simple and ordinary.

So, if you feel you begin to lose your spiritual identity, don’t hold on, don’t stay attached, do not fear. Let it all go – because you are about to discover the biggest gifts of all; The true calling of your Soul. And it is nothing you can know only experience.

Maiken Piil

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I love exploring consciousness and how it brings us into our full potential and pave the way for a magic life. And I believe in the transformational power of inner truth. In my work, I teach about consciousness and how we can grow the power and capacity of our inner ressources. I work with people, who wishes to come into greater balance and harmony by exploring their authentic self and deeper truth. I support my clients in their healing, to expand their thinking and step into the power of their spiritual truth to be of service to others. Please let me know how I might be of service to you?