It's time to believe...

It's that most wonderful time of the year... even if you don't think it is, tap into the positivity in the world to bring you magic and wonder, in your way.

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What are your memories of Christmastime when you were a child?

Were they full of magic and wonder?

Were they full of excitement?

Or was it a time that you disliked? A time to find out what you didn't have? A time to feel sad? A time of fighting families? A time of doing what you had to do not what you wanted to do?

I imagine some of the above will have triggered some memory in you and Christmas can be both a magical time and/or a traumatic time, depending on what your memories are of the season. 

It's a time of year where whatever the emotion, positive, or negative, emotions run high. 

For me Christmas is a time of magic and wonder. As is the autumn, which is why September until new year is often my happiest time of the year. And however you feel about the season, I want you to try something. I want you to tap into the positive energies and focus on the kindness, the love, the magic, the wonder. 

Christmas, especially for adults, and for women, and for anyone with commitments, it can be a very busy time. December always goes in a whirl and before you know it, its Christmas Day and then its the new year. So this year I ask you to believe. Believe in the positives, however hard your life has been or looks. Each day from now until new year look for one piece of magic and wonder each day and do one thing for yourself. 

By new year I want you to believe in the most magical being to exist - you and your inner wise, your inner fairy, your inner gypsy, your inner witch.

Each day breathe.

Each day love.

Each day live.

Each day laugh.

Note in your diary one thing that lights you up, but remember you have to believe the magic and wonder exists, because when you believe you see so much more.

Magic and wonder will come in many forms it could be crisp bright mornings when the sky is so blue and the sun so bright it hurts your eyes. 

It could be a glorious sunset, or a rainbow after the rain.

It could be stars twinkling brightly on a clear night.

It could be curling up on the sofa with a good book, or drinking a favourite drink.

Magic and wonder could be in the smile of a stranger or the cuddle from a cat.

Magic and wonder could be snuggly jumpers and cosy coats.

It could be jumping in puddles or playing in snow.

It could be marvelling at ice formations on your windscreen.

Each time you acknowledge a piece of magic and wonder, the light in your heart gets a little brighter.

Each time the light in your heart gets a little brighter so does the sparkle in your eyes.

As your eyes sparkle more, you attract fellow sparkly people too. 

And as you see the magic and wonder you stop and pause, and each of those tiny pauses is a little moment of self care just for you. 

Christmas is such a great time to do this because often there is a more positive vibe in the air. If you feel frustrated with anyone, pause, look for a moment of magic and wonder, or recall a moment you have encountered magic and wonder.

Regain your childlike wonder and ask questions, see worlds beyond our own and recognise your dreams.

See your inner child and give her the magic and wonder she missed as a child. If as a child you wanted to visit the reindeer then find some reindeer and visit them. You can heal your inner child and you can be a mother or father to yourself. 

My inner child lives in a cottage on a beach on a Scottish island. Christmas she wakes up not to open presents but to go and dive into the icy sea in her wet suit with her dog Sally and her 100's of cats watching from the beach, before coming back to hot chocolate and snuggles with her mom (me)  by the wood burning stove. 

We are all capable of making our own magic, however hard times get.

Magic and wonder is what makes me what I am and it can make you magical and wonderful too.

Love and light

Haulwen the Magical Mojo Coach 

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