Is it time to make Friends with your Gut?

Why going with your GUT matters!

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Getting to know your gut might just make it your best ally. Friending your gut grounds you in a whole new way. And one thing I know for sure, is that it makes those big life decisions a hell of a lot easier!

In Western culture we get a lot of training on leading with our head over our heart, and our gut. And let’s be honest, all too often we blur the rational with the ‘right way’ of doing things.

Why going with your GUT matters.

Well the gut is a super sensory organ which intuits in a much wider way than our brain. The reality is that your head is informed by your gut. 

You’ve probably heard about the vagus nerve and the special thing about this long wandering nerve is that it’s the bi-directional communicator between our gut and our brain.

So the next time you get a strong gut feeling, don’t try and rationalise it. You may just find it’s the very best option to go with your GUT.

Let me know how you get on.

  Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Cara Wheatley-McGrain

Coach| Speaker | Author | Psychologies Ambassador, The Mindful Gut UK

Cara Wheatley-McGrain is a coach, speaker, and Hay House author. 

Cara is an expert patient who has lived with IBD and IBS for
20 years. Following a hospitalization that resulted in her almost losing her colon, Cara resolved to develop a more mindful and empowered relationship with her gut. She has spent the last two decades cultivating an authentic whole-life approach to mindful, compassionate and intuitive gut care – and is now dedicated to sharing this powerful message of self-care and holistic healing with those who are experiencing both short- and long-term symptoms of incurable IBS and IBD.

Cara offers workshops to inspire people to learn to love and listen to their gut, and to raise awareness of the connection between good gut health and mental health. She has a particular passion for raising awareness of gut health and perimenopause and menopause. 

Cara's book on Gut Health, Well Being and Compassion will be published by Hay House in January 2022.