How to motivate yourself back into action, when you just don’t feel it right now

It's tough sometimes isn't it, to get your creative head in the game and get going? It's all about showing yourself a little kindness and accessing the wealth of support out there at the moment, here are my top tips for boosting your motivation.

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I know that some people are finding it hard to get going creatively at the moment, you may be feeling lethargic and just not bothered right now. It seems to be quite a natural response to what is happening out there.

I also know that for some people, that also comes with a lot of guilt and disappointment in themselves, but there are other ways to pave the way back to feeling yourself again, rather than beating yourself up about it.

We are now about to start our 11th week in lock-down in the UK and although some restrictions are lifting, I’m noticing patience is starting to wear a little thin, myself included, and frustration in all its guises is setting in. Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week’s focus on kindness, it’s now more than ever that we need to be kind to ourselves.

There are a few ways to approach this head on and give yourself a boost to help slowly motivate you get back into action. Not all are exclusive, you may find a good mix of all these works best for you.

  • You can give into this feeling without allowing yourself to feel useless and not attach the guilt to it, you know yourself and you also know that this is temporary, it will pass. If you want to take this more gentle approach, access your SOS Self Care List, do the things you love, and take time to get out for some fresh air, eat well, knowing all the time that looking after yourself well is key to feeling better.
  • Be kind to others, by getting out of your own head and focusing on others, it has an antidote effect to feelings of stress. Set yourself a target of doing something unexpected for others during the day, it doesn’t have to be a huge grand gesture, it can be as simple as making your partner a special breakfast or sharing a post of someone’s on social media that inspired you.
  • Accept the kindness offered to us. Use what is available that has been curated to help us, free of charge or at a low cost and engage with these people who have been kind enough to take the time to do it. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and expertise, these people are working hard to support us, purely because they want to help and make a difference. And this is what I want to focus on today.

So, what do I mean by this? Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed more of the people that I follow have been putting out some really key ‘free’ resources out there to help everyone and especially creatives or those who have or are wanting to set up a small business in relation to what they do.  

Inspirational creatives, business owners and coaches have really upped their game in response to the Covid pandemic which is fantastic but it’s also quite hard to navigate your way through all what is available, there’s so much out there!

So, I thought I’d share what I’ve found especially useful and hope in-turn that it helps and supports what you are doing too.

Business / Creative Inspiration

Nicky Raby

Nicky has a multi-business profile with years of experience and over a 1000 people who she has worked with as a coach. She’s a writer, actor, speaker, mum to 2 young children and podcaster of the top 100 business podcast, ‘Dreaming and Doing’. This is specifically how she has upped her game recently and what I have found useful:

  • Her content is daily and sometimes more, providing nuggets of inspo, via Insta videos and posts and mini podcasts that are not too long so you can easily fit into your day.
  • She offers a free 15 min consultation. If you are wanting a bit of specific advice or direction, sign up on her page, giving as much info as possible and she’ll come back to you quickly to book the session in.
  • She also offers so workshops that are an accessible price, which not all coaches do, and often has offers on. For example, she offers 12 individual workshops at just £20 each, last week there was an offer on of buy one get one free, that’s a lot of expert coaching for just £20.
  • She’s also recently set up a round table event for the small cost of £5 for 10 people to effectively ‘be sat in a pub’ is how she describes it, to get to know each other and then discuss a theme.

Eleanor Snare

I’ve followed Eleanor for a while on Instagram and have always been impressed by the deeper conversation posts on creativity, but then we got talking and Eleanor wanted to interview me for her YouTube channel and Podcast (to be launched soon) about the theme of connection.

Another multi-passionate ‘Aquarian’ creative (like me), Eleanor is an Art Tutor, Creativity Consultant, hosts a virtual meeting on Zoom of creatives to ask the big questions every Wednesday 1pm-2.30pm and also created the Rising Soul Membership giving members the opportunity to reflect and create in their lives for a small fee of £12 a month.

I don’t think you can fail but to be inspired by Eleanor’s passion, enthusiasm, wisdom, ideas and top tips of how to ‘liberate your inner artist’ on Insta stories, all are welcome to join in the Wednesday group.

Holly Tucker – founder of Not on the high-street and Holly & Co

Holly has always been a fantastic advocate for supporting small businesses and believes that everyone should ‘Do what they love and love what they do!’. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but this situation has elevated her into stratospheric support to so many! During this time, she’s launched the following, with the support of her team of course:

  • SME- SOS - a free resource to empower small businesses with the latest information & highlight the help available to them. This is a platform to make sure that small business owners don’t feel alone through this tough time. She does this through Insta stories and her podcast ‘Conversations of Inspiration’ - doing SME-SOS special episodes as well as the normal COI podcast.
  • She hosts the biggest small business tea party on an Insta live every Friday at 3pm, interviewing other creatives and talking through current issues
  • She’s launched the new FB Group, Holly & Co-mmunity which now has 1,500 members already and is a supportive group for all small businesses / creatives.

Lucy Atkins – best-selling Author

Lucy has been working with Psychologies magazine and running Insta lives on how to write a novel every Friday via the Psychologies Insta page 1.30pm -2pm.

If you are interested in tackling that novel idea, Lucy offers great advice on all things fiction writing, from keeping readers turning the page to how to write that CPD (Crap first draft!), I’ve really enjoyed listening to these!

Connection / Well-being

Psychologies Magazine Facebook Group – Psychologies Connected Communities

This has really grown over the last few weeks and now has 4.2k members. Psychologies have been popping in asking questions, seeing how everyone is, posting useful blog posts and their FB Live interviews that Suzy Walker, Editor-in-chief has been hosting daily at 1pm and sometimes more!

I was lucky to be interviewed a few weeks ago on how I’m getting through this with creativity and if you’d like to watch that it’s here. There are all kinds of interviews, from chats with coaches, to gardeners to how to talk to children about what is going on, so do have a look and see what could be useful for you right now.

Members can also pop their own inspiring ideas, thoughts or blog posts on their too and it’s a useful place to become more visible in what you do.

Positive Earth Community

Another Facebook Group run by my friend Jac, that shares ideas, services or products that are aimed towards looking after our planet, ourselves and each other. Many people during this time are looking at ways of living more sustainably and environmentally friendly so this is a good place to start.

They’ve also recently done creative photo challenges to have a daily focus for members and keep spirits up, such as nature images of a certain colour or things we are grateful for. The next Challenge starts on June 1st.

The Michelle Obama Documentary on Netflix

If you haven’t watched this yet, then I can’t recommend highly enough that you do! It blew me away and got me raring to go again! Michelle talks about her experiences in the White House but it’s mainly about her life, growing up, what’s important to her, the book tour and the reaction to her and how her mission to have an impact on your people is her main focus right now.

It is such an inspirational watch, made me sit up and take notice as a woman, how we can make this a better world and that we ALL have something to offer.

Cannon Hall Farm Facebook Lives

This is a local famous farm, in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, that has been featured regularly on BBC TV’s Spring Watch, but the Lives are accessible to all and they have viewers from all over the world! Farmer Rob and brother Farmer Dave basically take you around their huge farm that is normally being visited by thousands at this time of year. They show you all the animals, the babies, what their jobs are for the day and give you an insight into life at the farm in these very strange times.

They start every morning around 7.30ish and can be filming for up to 2 hrs. I tune in most mornings and it sets me in a positive frame of mind for the day. The farm recently won The Telegraph’s ‘Locked In Lift’ award, a testament to all their hard work to entertain their viewers.   

So, I hope that gives you a few new things to focus on if you’re finding yourself stuck in a bit of a creative rut.

And if you are finding it increasingly difficult right now, please reach out, there is always someone to help and listen, just click here for all kinds of support through the Mental Health Awareness Week website.

Until next time, take care, walk in the beautiful countryside if you can, breathe, count to 10, do whatever you need to do but most of all stay safe…

Juliet, The Curious Creative x

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