Here are nine tips for influencing a more inclusive and diverse work environment even when it feels outside of your sphere of control:

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Diversity and inclusion was already a hot topic for leaders in 2020.  And if 2020 has taught us anything, it is the power of influence - not just of those in power, but those with little to no perceived ‘power’ at all.  The influence of emotion, of fear, of provocative imagery and even tiny virus spores. 

It can be an assumption that we have no influence on company culture, that we are powerless to affect change.  But as we've learned, influence comes from many sources and the same techniques can be used for good, to drive more inclusion within the workplace.

Here are nine tips for influencing a more inclusive and diverse work environment even when it feels outside of your sphere of control:

  1. Ensure clarity on what needs to change. Name it, make it a crystal clear objective that everyone you engage with can understand and connect with the intended outcomes.

  2. Paint a clear picture of the vision for change.  Make it compelling and clearly distinguishable from the current situation.

  3. Ask more questions.  Listen hard to the answers.

  4. Control what you can control - do this by consciously separating what is out of your control from what you have not previously noticed you could control.

  5. Make sure you walk the talk and deliver on your promises.

  6. Influence isn't one speech, presentation or act.  It is earned through consistency and congruence.  Build an inclusive check and balance in to everything you do, every interaction and experience.

  7. Build in clear and measurable targets that you can use to hold yourself accountable to for progress.

  8. Honour what will be lost through the changes you propose to bring about.  Respect the learnings, be grateful for the gains, but leave behind what is to stay in the past.

  9. Welcome and mark new beginnings and initiatives with a clear delineation from what went before.  Set clear intention with this differentiation of what will be taken forward in to the new way.

Where could you start?

Tracy James is a Berkshire based Team and Leadership coach specialising in SME, Tech and Marketing. She works with existing and aspiring leaders looking to up-level, achieve fulfilment and lead effectively and authentically with intentional influence and impact. Subscribe to her newsletter at, connect with her @brightyellowcoaching, or book free initial 30 minute consultation to discuss what you could achieve together.

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