How love can cure depression

A conversation with a sufi psychotherapist ...

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When I moved from Kent to Wales I wanted to do some psychotherapy.  A friend in Kent had recommended the CCPE in London where I loved the one day course I did in Archetypes, Alchemy and the Unconscious.  At the end of the day I went to see if they had any therapists in Wales and they pulled out a card index box (remember those??).  Of all the very many cards, there was only one card for Ireland, Scotland and Wales and on that one card was only one name: it was Michael's and it turned out he lived a hill away from me.

That was nearly 20 years ago and after my years of therapy with him we became friends and co-thinkers, co-walkers and co-founders of an Innovations Group which ran for a decade.

He is one of the wisest, warmest, most open and interested people I know, so to be able to talk to him about his latest project; a book about curing depression through love, was a delight.

I hope you enjoy our conversation which you can listen to here.

Take care.


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Julie Leoni

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