Habits and Rituals


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The other day my husband and I were talking about the magic of rituals, in a sense of organisations and institutions and habits we pick up but don’t know why. It reminded me of the story (I can’t remember the origin) of the lady whose husband asked her why she always cut the end off the joint of meat before putting it in the oven dish, “I don’t know” she said “it’s just what my mother always did” so she rang her mother and asked her, her mother replied “I don’t know, it’s just what my mother always did.” So she rang her grandmother and she said “Oh, it was because I didn’t have an oven tray big enough, so I had to trim the meat to fit the tray.” 

I was thinking about habits and change and how often we don’t notice it happening until after it has happened. 

Why do we do the things we do at this time of year?

What rituals and habits do you have?

It’s okay to change them if you want to.

We do things pretty differently to how I was brought up but we keep many of the traditions too. There aren’t really any rules at this time of year, habits are optional, rituals a choice.

There is no need for perfection, don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the expense of a sparkling floor or an ironed tablecloth. Put your feet up, it is supposed to be time to take a break and have a rest, so, where possible do that and ask others to help if you can. Have some fun.

Traditionally this time of year is a party, not a competition. Let your hair down if you can! 

Just because other people do things their way doesn’t mean you have to do it their way too. 

Maybe you can start your own traditions and fit the whole joint of meat (or vegan alternative) into your oven tray. 

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Have a wonderful festive season,

Sophie X


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