Gratitude goes beyond Xmas

Make memories and live in the moment.

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During this time of year, many people are feeling overwhelmed. With the pandemic and so many "new normals," it can be slightly tricky to adjust. Needless to say, 2020 has been a bit interesting – to say the least. No matter what has occurred in this year's trajectory, there is one thing that each and every one of us should possess, and that is gratitude.  

Gratitude goes beyond Thanksgiving and Xmas. It's not seasonal, and it should have no expiration date. It holds no prejudices. The only requirement is that we remember; nothing more and nothing less.  To be grateful and operate in a spirit of gratitude, we must not forget – even the smallest of things.

When there is a sense of appreciation within, we realise that we must be thankful. It is no longer dependent on what someone says or does for us. It isn't contingent upon what we get. However, it is rooted and grounded in our ability to recognise that we are more blessed than we realise.  During this pandemic, millions of people across the globe have been affected. At the top of the year, everyone was celebrating a new year. Little did any one of us know that 2020 had other plans for us. The unfortunate fact is that so many didn't live to see this day. And while we honor and respect those who have departed, we must take this time to be grateful for what we do have.   Yes, holiday gatherings may have fewer people. And we may have to do more video chats than expected, but it's ok. Gratitude is when we can be thankful for technology and how it will help us love our family and friends.

Nevertheless, be grateful. We are here, we are alive. If you are reading this you have survived a pandemic.  In the wake of this worldwide occurrence, it's evident that many of us have felt the weight of stress and uncertainty. Daily, it has reared its head; daily, we have to flow with it. But we are much stronger than we realize. That is something to be grateful for!  Instead of focusing on what we can't change, let's have gratitude for what remains and what can still positively impact our lives. You can be the reason that someone else smiles with one simple act of gratitude.  

Tell your spouse or loved ones what they mean to you while you have the chance! Now is the perfect time to focus on strengthening those relationships with family and friends. During the busy-ness of life, we often take for granted these opportunities. Now, we have time! Apologise where needed and say "thank you" where necessary. Make memories and live in the moment. Gratitude, in this instance, can resemble laughter and love. It can resemble kindness and respect. It can resemble conversations and virtual fist bumps.  As the year-end approaches, we don't know what 2021 will hold, so let us enter it with gratitude.

Samantha Carbon
Psychotherapist - MSc Psych, PTSTA (P), CTA (P), UKCP, MBACP
Clinical Supervisor
Mobile: 07938435233


Samantha Carbon UKCP Psychotherapist

Samantha Carbon is a psychotherapist running a private practice. Following a background in the financial industry, Samantha set out to follow her true passion and pursue her training as a psychotherapist. Today, Samantha assists people in the process of finding the peace of mind they deserve. In particular she works with individuals with a history of addictive behaviours such as alcohol, drugs, sex & gambling. She works with individuals who experience depression, anxiety, loss, work related stresses and gender dysphoria, as well as couples. She is dedicated to supporting people to identify their self-worth and improve the quality of their lives. She works with corporates in understanding workplace diversity, understanding intolerances and biases.