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A couple of years ago I got my first pair of reading glasses. I was a bit put out as my eyes had worked extremely well for over forty years. As I only have glasses for reading, I still find it odd that things which are far away are blurred when I am wearing them and the other way round when I’m not. I gradually accepted that glasses made reading easier (I am a total bookworm - paperback, hardback, fiction, non fiction, audio, kindle, I love reading) I told myself I didn’t really need glasses, they just made it easier to see the small print.

So my first glasses were cheap ones, I refused to spend money on something I didn’t want.

Then Covid happened. And all the now familiar unfamiliarity. I didn’t get my eyes checked for nearly two years. Until I went a couple of months ago. I needed more glasses. This time I treated myself, I had come to believe over the course of that time that I, and my eyesight were worth investing in. I got two pairs of quality frames, not that anyone else was going to see them. They make me feel worth it. I can read better, but now everything is in disarray all over again. I’m homeschooling again. The shops are shut again. My beach hut is out of bounds. I’m sure you have your own version of the scattered sense of life at the moment.

I sit at my desk, lamenting my lack of time and long to do list. I can clearly see my desk but the big old chest of drawers on the other side of the room which is full of material to make things with, is blurred. That stuff will have to wait. The list on my desk is what needs to be done now; my bathroom needs decorating, but the laundry overflows. The kitchen needs repairing but the remains of my daughter’s science project needs to be put away. The list goes on. I know I’m not alone in this situation, what are you choosing to focus on?

At my desk, I decide, for now, that I will use my glasses as my guide and focus on what is in front of me. The foreground is all I can manage and I will manage it well in sharp focus.

The other things, the blurred things, they will come into focus when they are ready, and I will be ready for them too. For now, please excuse me, I have things to tick off that to do list.

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