Dragons, Mothers and Statues

Trusting ourselves or turning to stone.

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On Mothers day I read something about being careful not to shut out others by building emotional walls inside ourselves and of allowing the heart to become stone like. The importance of accepting that all emotions are here to be felt, and if we shut off some of them then we may shut off all of them and this is akin to turning to stone.

It got me thinking. 

I had a lovely Mothers day. In the afternoon I watched a film with my ten year old daughter while my son watched from his position on the floor surrounded by lego from his eighth birthday the day before. 

This film was about a pestilence and the absence of dragons who could stop it. Anyone who was touched by the pestilence was turned to stone. The pestilence could only be stopped by a magic stone belonging to a missing dragon. The  guardian of the stone wished to create unity and invited all the peoples to sort this out; he trusted them to cooperate but they all fought over the magic stone and it broke into pieces of which they all took one. The leader who wanted unity was turned to stone. Was he right to have trusted the people? Is it safe to trust or is everybody just out for themselves?

It didn’t have to be like that. If the people had chosen connection in the first place, they wouldn't have had to go through a huge amount of destruction in order to move on and actually choose to coexist amicably than to each have to prove themselves as better. That is what turned them to stone. 

For me there are elements where I am the statue and there are elements where I am the competitive adversary with something to prove, those little inadequacies creeping in, like the pestilence which grew and took everyone’s essence away from them. 

In the past I have been able to recount traumatic events in my life with no trace of emotion, yet I’ve been reduced to tears by the tiniest thing. This is what happens when being out of balance becomes normal and the very concept of balance is so alien it seems incomprehensible. I have been let down by people and situations over and over and this can lead to an inability to trust. Yet a refusal to trust others means we forget how to trust ourselves. We gradually become stone, we can’t see that we’ve forgotten how to trust, that we can no longer feel emotion, we can get trapped inside our heads in a storm of negativity.

 So how do we find the path back to ourselves?

Like the characters in my daughter’s detective novels, we turn over the stones, see what is hiding there, look in all the cracks and see what is inside. We make bold decisions as we confront the pestilence, the negative storm in our mind. And as is so often the case in the books and films; the monster, the pestilence, the scary adversary is in fact a damaged child, a frightened animal who, with a little love and care and attention becomes the joyful, playful creature that was inside them all along. 

If you would like to explore this and other themes in your life; find the dragons and repair the damage, then let me know, we can have a chat over the phone or on zoom and see if a self discovery session would be useful.

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It's not about slaying the dragons, but making friends with them,

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