What is on the inside and the outside are not the same.

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I can only speak for myself here, but historically I haven’t been someone who was overjoyed when I looked in the mirror, and once I’d realised this I decided it is sad to think badly of our own reflections. That inner critic pops up everywhere! These days I am much more forgiving but I still catch myself noticing grey hair or thinking my skin could look better, or that I look tired and wishing my teeth were straight. I have to remind myself to be kind to myself.

Over the last few weeks I have been swimming again. Swimming was one of the things I missed most about lockdown and I’ve loved being back in the water. When I get out of the pool, after twenty lengths in half an hour, if I catch my reflection I notice a more positive reaction even though I’m dripping wet and have no makeup on. This is because I feel more positive having done the exercise and has nothing to do with what I actually look like.

Some of the most beautiful people I’ve seen have an inner serenity and calm, they are not dressed up or wearing makeup but they seem free in a way that society doesn’t offer us. It’s like they know who they are and that is all that matters, it doesn't matter how old someone is but I have come to the conclusion that a person who is in tune with themselves and their energy and who feels good on the inside can be just as beautiful as a person who is ‘glamorous’ if not more so.

I’m getting my hair cut next week for the first time in about two years. The choices of what to have done have been bothering me; it was my wedding anniversary this week and the photos of me nine years ago made me think my hair looked better then: should I have a fringe cut? Different colour? Will I look better or worse? The dreaded ‘what will people think’?

And actually, I’ve decided that none of it matters. As long as it works for me, then it is fine. While a haircut or some new clothes can go a long way to improving our self perception temporarily, the focus needs to be on feeling good first and that you can look as amazing as you want to on the outside but you can still feel terrible internally. But if you feel good on the inside, you’ll look great on the outside, make up or not and whatever haircut you decided to go for.

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