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This time of year always has a back to school feeling about it. This year however the ‘back to schoolness’ has been significantly more pronounced as my children went back on Wednesday after 24 weeks at home. My daughter did go back for a few days in July but my son has been at home with me and hasn’t seen his friends or anyone much at all since school closed back in March just a week after his 7th birthday. They have enjoyed the last three days despite everything being different to how it was last time they were there.

On the way home on Friday, my children told me they aren’t allowed to sing at school, because apparently the act of singing and how you breathe and project when you sing makes it risky in terms of virus contagion. I understand but it felt quite sad to have reached a point where, for now, singing isn’t available.

I have had days at home during which I embarked on more decluttering - paperwork this time. If I’m honest it has been a necessary activity but perhaps my choice of timing suggests that it is more of a distraction than anything else. I could have put my feet up, read a book, watched TV, caught up on some sleep and all kinds of relaxing things to nurture myself. Instead I am ‘trying to make space’. This is what I tell myself when my studio is buried under a mountain of admin.

There is something refreshing about having the opportunity to throw myself into a project without distraction. I put the radio on. BBC 6 Music. I haven’t done this for a long time. I listened to music on my phone instead of the usual audiobook about psychology. I sang along. 

This week's Challenge:

Paint Music

This is an exercise I have done a few times. It is very therapeutic. Select a piece of music, or pick one at random. Listen to it a few times. Choose your colours and go. Just paint and respond how you feel. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It matters that you paint what you feel. This is a great way to achieve a state of flow and it is here that your secrets; the things you hide from yourself - of every type, positive ones are there too - this is when they can be revealed. Allow yourself some time and space and see what comes up for you.

Last Week's Challenge:

Elsewhere in my home there is certainly more space. I hired someone to wallpaper the landings and staircases, finally had a new carpet fitted, plus some cool vinyl in the random toilet next to the bathroom. I replaced the lampshades. A trip to the garden centre found some lovely baskets and I rescued a plant with three stems from the sale section and split it into three pots - one for each basket. Now every time I leave a room I am amazed by how luxurious and spacious my home feels.

I have been looking at other artists for inspiration for the walls in my home and found myself drawn to a beautiful book I have on the Japanese artist Hiroshige. Some of the images will be going up but I haven’t yet decided on whether to go with landing or bathroom. The colours in these prints inspired this little abstract canvas with a little row of houses.

Have a fabulous couple of weeks.

Sophie X

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