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Hello and Happy New Year,

We don’t need any reminders about 2020. But despite the challenges, I have definitely learnt and grown. I have questioned my life in many ways and in the times when I have felt the most trapped and cornered, I have painted. I have turned to paint and canvas or the back of an envelope and a biro. Whatever it takes or whatever is to hand to get through that moment, to wrestle with that feeling, to accept that emotion. To depict it, to move it from my 'self' and place it on canvas. As we continue with the uncertainty, I invite you to do the same. 

I thought of something recently, as a message to the people who feel, maybe you are one of them, that to use your creativity, which we all have (including you) that our creativity is somewhat insufficient. That it is less valuable than another person’s creative output, that it is somehow not available for you. It is available for everyone and it is so important now more than ever, and I have been through some challenging times in my life before this. But here is what I think:

When you’re a child, you draw. You draw your house, your home, your family, friends, the people who are important to you. What you are actually doing is recognising, quantifying, identifying yourself. You are making sense of your world. You don’t decide if it is right or wrong. It just is. You don’t dismiss your drawing as not good enough, because that isn’t why you did it. You didn’t draw it to be better than someone else's, you drew it to understand your life. And this is what we need to do now. To understand our life.  

Whoever you are, whatever your job or role in your life right now, you probably need to understand it in a different way to the understanding you thought you had of it a year ago. Our perception of our situation is always changing, but our minds take us back to what our subconscious thinks is safe; if we don’t look at that and question it, then how can we find a new perspective which will take us to a point where we can manage all the differences in how we now rethink and feel? 

We can’t change what we don’t know. To help you to understand where your thoughts are and gently nudge them into alignment with beliefs that will better serve you to understand yourself now, take my course in Creativity for Wellbeing and Happiness. Over five modules you will be able to see where you are, what you want to change and begin to think in a way that will carry you to where you need to be. For £99.00, just £25.00 per module, you can peer into your current beliefs and see how they affect your current situation. Use those insights to reframe your energy to a path out of the wilderness. You will have beautiful artwork to put up in your home to remind you of the way forward and achieve a solid foundation in your sense of self and what you are truly capable of. 

The price will go up at the end of January so now is the time to set yourself up for a creatively grounded foundation in your understanding of who you really are and what you really want. Your creativity is just as valid as anyone else’s and don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. This course is about the creative process over the outcome and that is where the beauty lies, in what we find out about ourselves when we apply ourselves to our inner artist. And we all have one. What secrets is yours hiding? 

Click HERE to find out more about the Creativity for Wellbeing and Happiness Course. Once you have bought it, you can do it as many times as you want to. 

Please email if you have any questions. Thank you.  

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Sophie Walker

Mindful Creativity Practitioner, Artist and Writer., Attentive Art

I'm an Artist who studied psychology and mindfulness to help myself overcome some of life's challenges. Now I help others to do the same using creativity and psychology. I believe creativity holds the key to the enjoyment of life and I want to help everyone to feel good about yourself and your life.