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It doesn't have to be Star Wars...

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This week I got my violin out to learn the Star Wars theme for my eight year old son who is into all things Star Wars at the moment. I started playing the violin when I was about his age and it reminded me of the children’s orchestra I used to play in. It gave me a love of live classical music alongside the usual music that kids and teens are into. It is the fact that when you are either watching or playing in an orchestra you feel the music in a way that you can’t achieve through the radio or a stereo. No matter how big the speakers, they can’t replicate the vibration of an oboe floating through the air or the rumble you feel inside you as a drum beat punctuates the air.

Triangles and flutes land on your shoulders like fairies and butterflies, trumpets announce a sitting up straight while a crescendo moves through your system like you’ve walked through a ghost.

The different sections of the orchestra each have their own vibration with its particular nuances and physical effects on your system.

The different areas of our lives also have their own vibration depending on how we are choosing to feel about them.

For example, when we are in love, our relationship area is all butterflies and harps, flutes and fairies, but if our relationships are suffering it can feel more like the tuba, bassoon and a drumbeat of doom.

A good month financially can feel like the upbeat chirping of a glockenspiel, the onward march of a timpani topped off with the trill of a piccolo, but if all the bills arrive and the pot is depleted, fear of running out sets in and the cello confirms the lack of funds with the lament of a slow slide of a trombone.

It is easy not to notice how you are projecting your vibrations onto the different areas of your life; we are so caught up in the day to day, lockdown or otherwise, that taking time out to see where you are sending a lament or directing an aria isn’t much of a priority, but it is an interesting exercise which can highlight where you could work on a vibration of triumph.

So I’ve included a game to play:

I’ve created a sheet of the layout of a traditional orchestra where we will substitute the instruments for areas of our lives. Then we will paint and colour it according to how the areas of our lives equate to the sounds and feelings evoked by those instruments. This will be relaxing and fun, but also, importantly, it will show us where we are placing our focus and which areas might need a bit more attention, allowing us to conduct our lives as a concerto and not as a dirge, as an aria and not a lament.

You can download the worksheet and guidelines HERE.

You can let me know how you get on with it HERE.

Have a lovely week, try and fit some creativity in where you can….

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