Are You Following Your Own Rhythm?

Your life has a beat and a rhythm that is uniquely yours. When we follow our unique rhythm, the soul shows us the way into peace, balance, joy and our our unique creative expression. So often, we get caught up in other people's rhythm or our own expectations on what our rhythm should be.

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Some years ago, I sat in ceremony playing my drum. When I say, I was playing my drum, what I mean is that my soul and the energies I work with in ceremony, was playing. You could say that ‘I’ was being played by my Soul. 

At some point I noticed that my beat and rhythm was different than the other few players in the group.

As my soul continued playing, I started thinking about what I was doing and how the other musicians were playing. I was no longer one with my soul and the rhythm my fingers tapped.

What happened was that I got in my head about it – I started thinking about what I was doing, worrying if I was doing it wrong, if I was messing up the coherence of the energy, that I would be scolded for not being ‘on point’ – and other stories, that have now dissipated into a distant memory of heady fear about failure, rejection and being wrong. After all, I am not a musician, and had only some ceremonies prior felt guidance to start drumming. What did I know about shamanic drumming.

Knowing well enough, that staying in my head would only mess things up for real, I tuned back into the energy of the rhythm of the drum, and surrendered to what was.

And I realized that although my beat and rhythm was very different, I was not out of sync with the group. I was in alignment with the whole, and with the individual expression of me. I relaxed into my own space and joyful immersion in the moment.

Afterward, my beautiful friend and ceremony sister, unknowingly about the little journey I have had with myself, unprompted came and shared with me how interesting my drumming had been – with its different beat, but fully in sync with the other musicians.  

It was such a profound experience and message of what I already knew, but had not yet surrendered to – that we all have our own rhythm in life.

Our journey is unique
As soon as we surrender to the rhythm of our soul, and let it guide us, we are guided into the creative flow of the journey that is uniquely ours. It guides us to things our mind does not know how to do or how to navigate, but our Soul knows. My mind did not know how to play, but my soul knew and it has its own rhythm of creation. Your soul knows how to guide you, what the best process if for you to stay in balance, in alignment with the flow of life, and what it takes for outcomes to naturally unfolds.

We are so easily taken out of the natural rhythm of the creative flow that is uniquely ours. We so often spent time measuring ourselves against one another, look towards different external one-size models of success, of the right or wrong way to get to where we need to go, and judging ourselves on how and where we should have been or should have done something. Of expectations that we put on ourselves and expectations we put on how things should be and look like for us to feel safe.

To surrender to our own rhythm requires a withdrawal from the mind’s ideas of right and wrong and find peace with what is.  We have to realize that no one is doing this ‘to us’, but that we can make a new choice ourselves to listen within and very courageously to go against some of what we have internalized as a right or wrong ways. To let go of our expectations and allow.

It requires us to dissolve our fears of failing, of being rejected, ridiculed, abandoned, and unsafe, which all keep us from taking steps in another direction. I often find myself that it is the smallest and most subtle ways where we negotiate the gentle voice within that can create the most havoc.When we return to our own natural rhythm of creating life and focus on finetuning our rhythm to be an individuated soul in sync with a shared experience, peace settles within. The creative energies flow, meaning arises and our balance is restored.

It is something we can only do for ourselves first and foremost – for our own joy, peace, and experience of meaningfulness. But others will -often unknowingly to us – consequently be supported and inspired in their journey to come into their own rhythm. People often come up to me after ceremony and thank me for my drumming as it has helped them through rough paths in their journey into the darkness. I didn’t do anything, I just showed up in a way that was personal and meaningful to me, as I allowed my soul to express its rhythm.

I don’t know what your unique rhythm is, no one does. Your life journey is a mystery for you to discover, all I or anyone can do is support you in the process and help you not get lost into the fear of your mind.  



Maiken Piil

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