An update, a Woman's Pain

It’s been a year since writing a woman’s pain so here is goes an update

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I have been managing the fibroid symptoms well and I was anticipating surgery earlier in February then Covid-19 happened. As the world came to a standstill the only thing I could manage was the symptoms of the fibroids. I felt like it had grown due to the constant bloating feeling which was very uncomfortable. My doctor confirmed it had grown so the surgery was then schedule for August but due to restrictions again because of Covid-19 it was rescheduled for September, needless to say my anxiety was at its peak. The weeks leading up to surgery were very though. I would ruminate at night getting little sleep and would wake up hoping it will end well. I’ll be rid of the symptoms finally hurray. I did not sleep the morning of the surgery because I could not, and I had to be there at 7am. Upon arrival I had to wait until 8 am before ushered into a room where two other women were already groaning in pain. Luckily, I had my headphones. I said my silent prayers, got changed and was told to wait again which did nothing to ease my anxiety. It was raining, a great time for accepted prayers. All I was asking for, was that Ar-Rahim to protect my Rahim. The womb is called Rahim in Arabic and it is also one of the nighty -nine names of Allah. I started to get cold, the nurse gave me warm packs and I was given intravenous fluids. The surgeon comes in around 10:30 am to inform me about the procedure and asked if I had plans on getting pregnant soon. I said no, his response “well I think you better start as you cannot delay it, these things can grow back”. I began crying and told him I’m not consenting for him to touch my womb. He reassures that he will only remove what is outside of the womb and then he said I should be ready at 11:30 am. I don’t think I will ever forget that moment. When it was time, I got wheeled into a big bright room, machines beeping everywhere and I began to shake, really shake out of fear. The anaesthesiologist asked her questions and explained a few things while the nurse wiped my tears, she held my hand and I was knocked out.

I woke up four hours later in excruciating pain. I asked for the surgeon, but he had gone for the day. I asked how long the procedure took, and the nurse replied about 90 minutes. The anaesthesiologist lied, she said it would take no longer than 40 minutes. I was scared, wondering what really happened? Is my womb intact? Is the fibroid removed? No answers until morning. I was wheeled back to my room and I ate the soup I made which the nurse was kind to heat up for me. I got painkillers and again knocked out for 6 hours. I kept waking up and sleeping through the night checking if it was morning. I needed to speak to the surgeon. He comes in at 10 am to explain what was done. I interrupted asking for a copy of the procedure because he was speaking in jargons. The good news is that the big fibroid, imagine a medium sized broccoli with a thick stem was removed. Two small ones were also removed however, because I want children in the future, the tiny ones inside the womb were not removed. The surgeon explained that those are not worrisome yet. He then advised to plan my pregnancies as soon as possible and recommends a c-section during birth.

A relief to my hears yet anxious about recovery. I got home with some help from friends because I was just wobbling and in pain. All I wanted when I got home was a hot shower, but I had to wait until the next day. Fast forward 5 weeks post-surgery my stitches are healed without complications, but I am aware it will take about 12 weeks for me to heal internally. I am still being cautious, no heavy lifting, I’m eating well and drinking more water. One of my dearests spent an entire day searching for alternative methods for managing fibroids. I began reading on what he had found and realised that natural herbs do have medicinal properties, knowledge I had but somehow ignored. There are some research to support these claims. Many women had shared their positive experiences using herbs to manage symptoms and to treat fibroids. If remember correctly both my mother and grandmother swear by some of these herbs as well. The main effect will be reducing the symptoms and eventually be able to shrink the fibroids which will then prevent from further growth. It has been three weeks since I started incorporating the recommended herbs into my diet and I feel good. My skin looks healthier and I’m sweating more and I feel warmer. Usually my both my hands and feet are always cold regardless of the season.

I hope that means my body is on a cleanse. My mood is not as fluctuating as before and my new love for organic and ayurvedic lifestyle is blossoming. All gratitude is to the Highest.


Good vibes and light


Image: Shabnab Sumayyah

Ummi Fulani

Sosionom/Social Worker & Psychologies Ambassador, Child & Adolescent Mental Health (Oslo University Hospital)