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Loving the vibe of your home, also known as - creating a nice atmosphere.

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There is a saying in Hindu Nada Brahma, which means ‘the world is sound’. It is a teaching common across many ancient spiritual traditions around the globe. The Mayans believed that the universe was sung into existence by the gods - they continue to sing the world into existence even now. In fact, almost all ancient societies retain a creation myth which states that sound is the primary creative force through which the universe was brought into being. In the beginning was the word, says the book of Genesis. Sound is, of course, an actual vibration but vibrations can be much more than simply that which is heard by human ears.

Looking more closely, everything that exists is actually different forms of the same thing. We call this energy in vibration. This is what modern science tells us. For example, 99.9999% of an atom is nothing but empty space. Within this mostly empty space exist smaller particles namely protons, neutrons and electrons. These particles, or waves of energy, are pure energy in vibration that actually wink in and out of existence all the time often at speeds far beyond the detection of the human senses meaning only the most complex scientific equipment can register it. At this subtle quantum level of existence, everything consists of tiny packets of energy and empty space. There is nothing solid or real about anything. Things turn out to be a combination of ideas, patterns of information and thoughts.

It’s pretty mind-blowing for the average human brain to get to grips with. The qualities exhibited in the real world by an atom will be determined by the way these particles are linked. The way that subatomic particles structure themselves, determines the frequency at which something vibrates which determines what qualities it will have in the real world. So, the metals that make up a spanner in your toolbox are actually simply energy coded in such a way that from our perspective in the physical world and relative to our own vibration, the spanner appears heavy, dense and solid. Yet in many ways it is no more solid than a spanner in a dream. We can say that nothing that exists is solid at all. Solidity is an illusion of a three dimensional physical world that we inhabit. During our waking lives we call this the the real world. Weperceive things to be solid, but their ‘solid-ness ‘ is only true at a certain level of perception.

So what does this have to do with your home?

Your home will be making a sound vibration that will either resonate with you or it won’t. The sound of a home can be created by whoever is currently living there, what the building is made from, what it was built on top of, and if it is built with any underground water. Over time, the very walls of a home absorb and take on their vibration to be more in sync with the occupier or the emotions of the events that are regularly taking place within its walls. For example, you can feel the energy of a home when children live there. You would know if you walk into a place where great sadness has taken place or great joy. Another important factor is that your home is made of more space than it is matter - even in its very walls. Energy cannot be created or destroyed - it can only be absorbed into the space: in the walls and in other ‘none solid’ objects around the home.

Changing the energy of a room

Clearing space in your home and getting rid of stuff you no longer need will all help to bring a more positive energy and vibration into the space.

Here are some things to try out

Burn the herb sage http://www.buddhaonabicycle.com/shop/candles-incense-oils/smudge-sticks/sage-and-sweetgrass.html

Get a spider plant.

Burn incense sticks, especially Frankincense.

Sprinkle dry sea salt in the corners of rooms. If there are signs of stress in the home, then the salt will turn grey or become wet. Sometimes underground water used in the building of a home, isn’t able to flow. This can cause a drumming vibration underground which in turn, can send shock waves upwards. These waves can make people feel sick as the vibration isn’t in alignment with their body’s own rhythms. Often places believed to be ‘haunted houses’ are a result of this under ground water.

Tibetan healing bowls tapped on the side with a wooden stick produce a pitch or sound that breaks up energy. This pitch will remain steady when the room is cleared. You can also use bells in the same way. http://www.buddhaonabicycle.com/shop/buddhist-and-hindu-artefacts/singing-bowls-and-bells.html

This might sound a little esoteric, but the results speak for themselves when the feeling of a room becomes spacious and open. An open space often gives us a sense of calm and clarity. A nice creative mindset for most of us.

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