Don't let 'Adult Entertainment' be linked to Children's Charity for Sexually Abused Kids

Don't think a burlesque stripper teddy bear should be used to raise funds for sexually abused kids? Then sing the petition here:

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Stripper Bear

Bobbi Bear helps kids. Bobbi Bear helps sexually abused kids. But on 8th Dec Bobbi Bear will be inextricably linked with the 'adult entertainment industry'.

For that's when a 'Bearlesque' Stripper Teddy is being auctioned off at Sotheby's New York along with a host of other bears wearing costumes designed by celebrities:

'Bearlesque' Teddy is breathlessly described in typical 'glamour-porn lingo' as being 'naked' apart from nipple pasties, head feathers and 'wearing only rose panties':

It was designed by reknowned 'strip artist', Dita Von Teese, who has been at the forefront of'normalising the burlesque/strip industry and whose website warns purchasers to check that her videos are legal in their own country.

Surely 'sexual entertainment' should NEVER be associated with a children's charity - especially a charity for children who have been sexually abused?

The link is even more ironic and inappropriate given that teddies and dolls (not to mention videos of burlesque and pornography) are often used as props to groom children for sexual abuse. "Don't you want to dress like teddy with those pretty feathers and panties? Don't you want to take it off like that pretty lady in the video?"

If you think 'adult entertainment' should not be linked to charities for sexually abused children, sign our petition here:

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Go to the profile of Susannah Hebden
almost 7 years ago
Certainly an unfortunate and ill thought through choice of 'costume' for Bobbi Bear! It does make you wonder what people are thinking when they come up with these ideas. Inappropriate doesn't really touch the sides.
Go to the profile of Patricia Craddock
almost 7 years ago
Just shows how ignorant people .they do not understand the damage abuse causes if you live to 90 the pain is still there