How to swap the clouds for the sun!

You can live in a pretty friendly universe where everything is amazing, or you can live in one where everything and everyone is out to get you. That choice alone will determine if you’re rich in spirit.

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We all get them - that moment when the cloud descends and we find ourselves in the midst of an emotional fog we can’t navigate our way out of. Everything feels dark, pointless, gloomy and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In fact who moved the tunnel?!

Feeling hopeless can be painful - for us and for the people who have to put up with us.

Bad moods can descend often without a known cause and so we often look to other areas in our lives for the reason. We might think it’s in our job, not having got where we wanted to in life, blame our partners and so on. Before we know it we are twice as fed-up as we were before. When you look for reasons to be unhappy, you can always find them. We think if we find the cause of our unhappiness, we can do something about it and then happiness will return. Unfortunately the opposite is often true. Looking for why you’re in a bad mood compounds this mood with justification and you start to think that maybe, you have every right to be a grump.

My mother had a great saying whenever I got fed up as a kid: ‘I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet’. The truth is that my mother was right. To me a person who is rich in spirit is someone who can shift their perspective to one of gratitude even in the darkest of days.

So, here’s a quick guide on how to shift your thinking to feel full, when you’re running on empty:

1. Know that there is nothing wrong with you. Bad moods are normal, so don’t go poking around in your psychology looking for how you’re broken. You’re not.

2. Whatever you’re doing, no matter what the deadline, stop doing it. It’s inevitably going to turn out rubbish because of the mood you’re in. So what you need is to snap out of the mood then, when you go back to the task in hand, it will flow.

3. Try not to take yourself and your mood too seriously. Don’t make it mean anything or add importance to it - it is what it is in this moment and the moment will pass.

4. Your moods have a rhythm to them - try to break that rhythm by playing upbeat music and having a dance - even if you don’t feel like it.

5. Take a look at your food intake. More often than not bad moods have more to do with our intake of nutrients, exercise and the amount of sleep we are getting, than anything in our external world.

6. Know yourself and understand what your triggers are. For me, if I am cold, hungry or tired I am not at my best. If I am all three then you better not get in my way!

I don’t believe we have to be positive all of the time. I get unhappy too yet the thing is, I am often happy about being unhappy! That might sound odd, so let me explain. If I am unhappy about something, it’s likely that the thing that is making me unhappy or I am frustrated about actually matters a lot. I am alive and I am upset, angry, disappointed, moody but I am, more than any of these things, alive. Emotions can only come by living a full life - one that matters. When I am unhappy, it could be because of the state of the world, because I don’t live in the kind of house I would like. But get this - how amazing that my unhappiness comes from a certain level of intelligence and self-awareness! Look at me being a miserable so and so! Could this be as a direct result of being alive!

You can live in a pretty friendly universe where everything is amazing, or you can live in one where everything and everyone is out to get you. That choice alone will determine if you’re rich in spirit.

** If you feel in a funk, book a thirty minute phone chat with me and I’ll soon snap you out of it :)

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