An amazing empowerment event

Are you one in a million?

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Yesterday we ran our second Be You Pioneer, Empowerment Day. It was humbling and amazing to yet again be in the company of so many passionate capable women all committed to the goal of equipping and empowering 1 million omen by 2020.

So why are we so determined to equip and empower 1 million women? Well the answer is simple. As Kofi Annan said; the empowerment of women is the surest way to enhance society as a whole. This isn't about men or women. Its about empowering women to enhance life for men and women alike.

So how does Be You work?

Well the key is the Be You, Self Empowerment Pack. We have created an empowerment pack so simple and quick that anyone can use it without training to become profoundly more self aware. Self awareness is the basis of self esteem and self esteem determines our attitude to life. Only women that enjoy positive, balanced self esteem are likely to be totally fulfilled. All of which makes self awareness, self esteem and self empowerment pretty important.

The idea is this; our first 100 Self Empowerment Pioneers equip, inspire and empower some women they know and then they do the same. In no time at all we hit our target of 1 million extra empowered women across the UK which is a big enough step to have an impact on UK society as a whole.

Many of the best ideas are both simple and audacious which describes Be You to a 'T'. Why not join the campaign? To find out more please visit or join the Be You Packtypes Facebook Group.

Will Murray

Founder, Packtypes Gets you talking. Makes you think


Go to the profile of Michelle Turner-Davidson
about 7 years ago
Thank you Will. I feel very privileged to be one of the first Pioneers and I am loving every aspect of it. The light bulbs going on for so many women when I introduce them to BeYou and the wonderful Packtypes - quite literally lighting up their faces. Women from all walks of life . Working in collaboration not in competition. Acknowledging, understanding, accepting who we are, and working together without judgement . That's powerful! It is a brilliant tool for everyone (not just women) children, partners, friends, colleagues. My 15 year old son beamed when he saw himself and he has learned so much because of it. If you don't know about it do join the FB group and visit the website. I can already see the ripple effect - (or tidal wave ;-))
Go to the profile of Jane Lowe
about 7 years ago
Had an amazing time at this event yesterday - honoured to be involved from the start - it has given me a much needed boost - Thanks to Will and the whole team
Go to the profile of Jane Cordez
about 7 years ago
What a fantastic group of women and so many more to meet. Having used Packtypes for 5 years I can sincerely and passionately endorse the product and use it with women, men, leaders, students and so many more. It forms the framework of my behaviours, quite simply, it's fantastic! I'm so happy to be part of this fantastic team and the forefront of a life changing campaign. If you want to make a difference by quite simply being You, then join us. Meet us all on Facebook at Be You, Packtypes and find out more. Be inspired, Be You!
Go to the profile of Annalese Murray
about 7 years ago
An amazing day yesterday, it's wonderful be involved with such a fab group of inspiring women!
Go to the profile of Sarah Jane Johnson
about 7 years ago
I feel humbled and privileged to have been chosen as a Be You Packtypes pioneer. Yesterday was amazing, meeting so many inspirational, diverse and interesting ladies (and gentlemen). There was a huge, positive buzz about the day. Already I can see the powerful impact of Packtypes on so many lives. The concept is simple yet groundbreaking and pure genius. I have spent some time today pack typing with my sons with some amazing and unexpected results to include looking at resolving a long standing issue for him. I am looking forward to using this with other family members, friends and the wider community. I am buzzing with ideas and truly believe that we can change lives and achieve and go beyond Packtypes goal of empowering 1,000,000 women by 2020. This is an exciting time!
Go to the profile of Will Murray
about 7 years ago
Thank you Sarah and it is exciting to hear about what you have been doing with your children and family. Any help I can give you at any time let me know. Best wishes, Will
Go to the profile of Kathy Bowden Ellis
about 7 years ago
So proud to be involved and at the forefront of this pioneering movement. Thanks for involving me.
Go to the profile of Suzy Walker
about 7 years ago
I am so delighted that our empowerment champions are off the starting blocks. So exciting! What shall we create next?