Ever Lost Your Style Mojo?

No frisson in Ferragamo? No palpitations in Prada? Maybe you've lost your style mojo....

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We all have days, maybe even weeks, when we don’t feel like making an effort in the style department. Is that wrong?

Of course not – unless you’re a style person, which is what I consider myself.

This month, I’ve acquiesced to the sartorial blahs that have hounded me relentlessly over the past few weeks. Challenged by a heavy schedule and a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and burnout, clothes just haven’t felt like a priority. Nor have they evoked the same joy.

Then the pressure seeps in. There will be photographers at that event, I remind myself, as I pull out an old faithful from the wardrobe. These people will have seen you in that outfit before, my inner critic whispers. This self-imposed pressure usually "inspires" me to create a new look, or to spend more money.

Not this time. I confess I really couldn’t be bothered.

Whenever possible, I’ve reverted to my new current wardrobe: jeans, flat boots and a navy cashmere jumper (I have several).

In all parts of my life, I’m discovering that burnout is a sign that my old ways are not working. I’m having to be truer to myself. My mindfulness practitioner has suggested ratcheting up my self-compassion while my body is healing.

So when the Groundhog Day feeling comes around when I’m pulling on my navy jumper, I’m kinder to myself.

I heard Alexa Chung speak a few months ago, and she confessed that most days she wears (wait for it), jeans and a navy jumper. High five, sister.

I’ve always been one to lean into my style during periods of transition. This time feels different.

Some of my clients who have undergone profound life changes – divorce, career change or recovery from a serious illness – have described the same thing. It can feel hard to be inspired getting dressed when we’re in flux.

So much of style is about playfulness and experimentation, about knowing who we are, or want to be, in that moment.

But when our way of being feels challenged, it can have a knock-on effect on how we express ourselves through clothes.

Sometimes we just don’t know what we want to say. Or we don’t want to say anything with our clothes right now. Sartorial silence can be golden.

I feel like I'm in a holding pattern, finding a new way of relating. So I suppose I’m dressing true to self right now. And that feels ok.

I know this is not forever.

My inner critic tries to have a go, tries to bully me into opening the emails about this season’s Lanvin. I respectfully delete.

I’ll recognise that familiar creative tug when it comes again. But for now, I’m enjoying my navy.

How about you? Has your style moxie ever gone into screen-saver mode?

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