Thoughts on Evolution

Ever since humankind have developed the ability to place their lives in context to a bigger whole, an internal drive and longing to explore and inquire has given rise to a number of universal and unanswered questions.

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The development of religious and philosophical structures and systems led to an examination of the internal world and the mind. As the research evolved, more refined levels and frequencies, belonging to higher faculties were discovered, though often lying dormant. A variety of pranayama techniques were developed with the sole propose of defining what was to become known as consciousness. 
In the meantime, scientists came to the conclusion that the world is comprised of 108 elements, each element being made of atoms, each with a different attribute attached to it. Further research proved that the atoms were not the underlying basis of everything; that there existed another building material, which they named electron. With more refined devices they discovered that the electron had two properties: it is both moving and not moving and it acts like a particle and like a wave. This gave rise to a new definition —‘the quantum’, which means dual.

After years of more research, they discovered that on a very subtle level the electron is nothing more than an infinitesimal formless energy particle and that it is this particular energy, which can transform itself into an electron and subsequently into matter.

While the first group of people progressed in researching the external world, the second group, through focusing their attention inwards, had refined their techniques to such an extent, that they discovered a subtle, all encompassing, frequency known as the Universal Pulse of Consciousness, which is omnipresent throughout the whole universe and infinitely present in all there is.

Thus in time, Western science may well come to the same conclusion that the underlying building material is not an infinitesimal energy particle but the pure, ever expanding universal pulse of consciousness.

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Alexander Filmer-Lorch

Author Lecturer Therapist, Inside Meditation

Alexander Filmer-Lorch guides and facilitates both teachers and students at an international level. His work is a synthesis of 30 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines & meditation, applied philosophy & eastern psychology, bringing the body, mind and spirit to a natural state of meditative synthesis. He has established an international reputation for innovation in developing yoga, meditation and movement-based teaching inspired by the latest scientific research on the body and self-development, meeting the requirements of our times. Alexander began his career at age 17 as a state-approved professional dancer at the John Cranko Ballet Academy in Stuttgart, from where he went on to dance with the German Opera House in Düsseldorf and Düsburg. He reached a turning point in his life after a back injury, when his quest to understand the moving body took him on extensive travels to India and Europe to study yoga, Eastern psychology and philosophy and the Fourth Way teachings. Alexander learnt the teachings of yogic disciplines and meditation in the traditional one-to-one practice of teacher and student, throughout more than a decade of his life. His areas of expertise include creating Yoga/Meditation/Movement teacher training modules and curriculums, developing performance of individuals and teams in a teaching environment and facilitating graduates and entrepreneurs to establish a successful yoga/meditation teaching career and business. In 2012, Alexander published his first book ‘Inside Meditation: In Search of the Unchanging Nature Within’ which is a comprehensive exploration and contemporary analysis of the process, practice and science of meditation. As an advisor to the board of Directors of the Yoga Alliance UK, Alexander drafted and helped finalise the meditation standards recently established by the Yoga Alliance UK, who’s main objective is to honour, sustain and maintain the timeless nature and endless value of the ancient teachings throughout, despite the contemporary demands of this new millennium. Alexander is Founder and Director of ‘Inside Meditation’ a modern school of neutral thought based in London, offering regular workshops, CPD’s and one to one sessions. His school also offers a comprehensive Yoga Alliance UK accredited 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training. Today, Alexander works as a qualified Senior Yoga / Meditation / Movement Teacher, an advanced CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release® therapist, a published author, as well as a lecturer in Eastern philosophy and psychology. His main focus is to inspire people to practise meditation and work on consciousness and experience its positive impact on their lives.